7 Steps on How to Use Your Pissed off Story to Create Your Ideal Business

How you ever been in a job you absolutely loved doing? A job that kept you challenged and made you feel like you had a purpose and gave you the opportunity to implement new ideas, structures and processes. I did.

I worked as an International Training and Development Manager within the beauty and well-being industry for 7 years and then one day I was all of a sudden taken ill and hospitalised for 10 days with serve plan around my abdomen and legs. With the doctors thinking it maybe cancer due to a fibrous growth internally, I went through the most exhausting time of my life. I was finally diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis and told that an invasive surgery would be needed to help ease the pain and discomfort.

I went back to work immediately after my hospital stay. Six months later I went into hospital for the surgery and when I returned to work I was demoted without consultation.  A job where over the seven years I had received raving reviews, improved customer service experiences, and reduced staff retention rates by 40% through the new management development programmes I had created.

I remember that meeting so clearly like it happened yesterday. The initially words enticed into my memory bank, and then all of a sudden all I could see in front of me was these two women, HR manager and a senior member of staff taking notes. I could no longer hear the words being said, I totally switched off at that moment. I think my brain said on a subconscious level “hey Ayo, f this ish, we need to make our escape and pronto”.

So that’s exactly what I did, I didn’t get angry, or cry in front of them, instead I started making some plans to make myself better. Focus on my health, family and make plans for world domination (kind of). That was the day I decided enough was enough and that would be the last job I would do that would help someone else achieve their dreams with my blood, sweat and tears. Ladies and gentlemen that that was my catalyst moment, my f this moment my breaking point moment.

This pissed off story of mine made me look at myself and my abilities on a deeper level. I started looking at all the improvements I had made to the organisation, took all the lovely feedback and love notes that I had received during my time and used it to create my own business called Ayes Creative Learning. As a hero archetype I’m all about helping to empower others through knowledge sharing resulting in positive transformations. I happy to say this is exactly what I do. I help budding procrastinating entrepreneurs who have a talent but lack the business knowledge to finally stop all the bs and get their business idea in motion.

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Do you have a pissed off employment story of being made redundant, demoted like me or being unfairly dismissed?

Are you thinking of starting up your own business but unsure how to go about it? Maybe your last job has really dented your confidence, then I recommend trying these steps 7 steps to help you figure out the ideal business for you.

Step 1: Forget about it.

Forget about all the negative feedback from that experience. Sometimes you’re no longer flavour of the month and change is needed, it’s that simply and not about you. So don’t take it personal and remember it’s not a reflection on your capabilities.

Step 2: Throw some serious confetti all over yourself

List down all the positive impact, changes, improvements and things you have done or how others have said you’ve helped them and made them feel.

Step 3: List your skills

List down all your skills, on one side, beside it write the number of years of experience, your qualifications and the training programmes you have successfully completed.

Step 4: List the types of skills you need to develop

Let’s not be totally arrogant that were so amazing, there’s always room to be grow and improve. So list them down.

Step 5: Ask Others

Now get your mobile phone out, text, what’s app or even use Facebook messenger and ask 5-10 close family and friends you trust to message you the 5 key words they think about when they think about you. Could be things like, inspiring, good listener, patient etc. People generally say a lot more than key words and give you some amazing feedback on areas you weren’t aware of yourself.

Then a few days later ask them to list 3-5 things you’re not so good at. Could be things such as a terrible communicator, not good at returning calls and being forgetful etc.

Step 6: Find your idea business

With all the above list down the types of businesses you could create with your skills, qualities and know-how. Then also look at your areas to improve and if those things are important to the success of a business then check out some webinars, workshops and sign-up for a course.

Step 7: You’re Passion Business

The final step is putting those ideas in order of what you could see yourself realistically doing for 15 hours a day 7 days a week and still loving. You should be able to whittle them down to just 5 or even 3 if possible.

If you get to this stage and are ready to take action you can then enroll for my free Four Day Business Ideas Test Challenge 

If you need more help getting started with your business idea or need help building your start-up social media presence come over and say hi in my private free Facebook group Ready Steady Start-up with other budding entrepreneurs looking to act like a start-up and launch it like a pro.

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Ayo is a Creative Digital Business Start-up Strategists and Educator. She helps budding entrepreneurs with a business idea to get it into motion. She does this through teaching and mentoring using her signature mentoring programmes and free business sources. The end goal is to help them to act like a start-up and launch it like a pro.


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