3 Reasons Why Your Imperfections Make Your Business Better

3 Reasons Why Your Imperfections Make Your Business Better

We are the dreamers and we are the doers. We are the people who get ideas and make them happen. We are creatives and entrepreneurs and we are much too hard on ourselves.

On one hand, we are so aware of our own mess; ways that we fall short, don’t measure up and feel imperfect. And on the other hand, we are so aware of everyone else’s goodness; their success, opportunities, income levels and relationships.

And it leaves this thing in us where we want to hide our imperfections because we think that doesn’t sell while also wrestling with jealousy and overwhelm over everything we don’t have or could never be.

But, here’s the thing: I believe that imperfection is not the thing that disqualifies you. It has been painted that way and taught as so, but imperfection is not bad. It can actually be really good and life-giving in your business. You can let go of the overwhelm and you can see yourself as enough.

So, let’s get into three ways I see imperfection making your business better.

You find your superpowers.

You cannot find your strengths until you accept your weaknesses. I believe that weaknesses are just strengths with the wrong identity. And you have to get up close and personal with your own imperfections to discover what those things are. And when you do, you get to walk into the genius zone of your business leaving lives changed in your wake.

Think about an area of your life where you feel weak and ask yourself how you can reframe that as a strength. For example, if you see yourself as bossy, maybe you’re actually a leader, but when you feel insecure, that’s what happens.


You own who you are unashamedly.

Have you ever met someone who has so accepted their imperfections and are cool with it? They know they’re flawed, but they’re okay with it and they’ve made a decision to still bring everything they have to the world. Those kinds of people are liberating.

When you see yourself as imperfect, but still as so very much enough, you’re able to walk into any and every situation with irresistible confidence. It changes how you show up, where you show up and how often you do that. And that gives you a visibility and energy that people can’t ignore.


You create connection with people.

People don’t connect with perfect, they connect in the flaws and in the mess. When you share your imperfections with your audience, they feel connected to you and become invested. They see themselves in you and it inspires them.

What is an imperfection you can share with your audience that you can speak to? Maybe it is a part of your story in something you’ve been through, but maybe it is also something in your every-day life such as an unfinished website or always forgetting to do the laundry. Watch what happens when you bring that to your community and they love you still.


Watch what happens in you and watch what happens in them.

Imperfection is beautiful because it is where the light comes in. Let your business be better because of your flaws. Show us what you got and know that in everything you are and in everything you do, you are so very much enough. How are you going to show your imperfect?

3 Reasons Why Your Imperfections Make Your Business Better

ASHLEY BEAUDIN // Heart Encourager + Visionary of The Imperfect Boss


Ashley is an encourager, speaker and coach to heart-led women entrepreneurs. She is the visionary behind #theimperfectboss; a movement that is liberating thousands of women from perfection. Ashley is passionate about empowering women to create powerful lives and businesses using more heart, vulnerability and community.

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