How To Find Your Creative Outlet And How To Utilize It

How To Find Your Creative Outlet And How To Utilize It

I have always been a creative person.  Like the “traditional” creative.  I sew, scrapbook, paint, needlepoint, craft.  You name it, I probably do it.  And I am organized.  Like freakishly organized, which I have found goes hand-in-hand with my craftiness!  So I have built a business around my creativity, and I make sure to make time to be creative every day.

But my husband is not as “crafty”.  Take that back.  He is NOT crafty in the traditional sense.  Over the holidays, I came to realize that his creativity lies in cooking, painting (walls in our home), and designing websites.  

Once I saw how relaxed he became by doing these tasks, I realized that I needed to help him find his creative outlet daily!

Find Your Happy

This is the first, and possibly hardest, step of the entire creative outlet process…actually finding your happy.  You do not need to feel like the “traditional” ways of creativity are the only ways to be creative.  

Does graphic design spark joy?  What about cooking up a fun, new recipe?  How about decorating your home?  There are many ways to find your creativity, you just need to start looking at things that make you happy.  

Work backwards to find your creativity.  It doesn’t have to be scrapbooking, but it might be something with paper.  Hand lettering?  Singing?  Dancing?

Test out some things you have been curious about but too scared to try!  You will never know unless you try!

Schedule Time

Once you have found your happy, make sure you schedule in time daily (or every other day).  Like write it in pen in your planner.  And make yourself do it.  

Because once you let your mind get creative, you will find clarity and comfort in everything you do.

I have found that if you wait a week to get creative, it will take more effort for you to get started.  Instead, schedule small chunks of time to get your crafty on.

Even 5-10 minutes every day will help!  Just give it a try and you will be surprised!

Try New Things

Once you get comfortable with your creativity, it is time to change it up.  Not drastically, but slightly.  

Say you are a creative cook.  Try mixing up what you make by using a new ingredient.  Start exploring more ways to cook food.  Ever try a pressure cooker?

Ever tried tap dance?  Who says ballerinas don’t tap?  

Test out some new ways to do what you are comfortable with.  Then, branch out even more.  

And, if you are truly wild and crazy, then go somewhere totally new!  Want to try charcoal drawing?  Give it a try!!  Otherwise you will never know what is out there for your creative soul.

Use Your Creativity Daily

Every day should spark creativity once you have found yours!

To actually utilize your creativity daily, you are going to have to be in tune with yourself.  Which is why you have to really search for what makes you creative.  You need to work that brain muscle that allows yourself to get into that creative headspace.

From my experience, starting your day with a short burst of your creativity time, will help keep your brain focused on problem-solving, outside-the-box thinking, and focus throughout the entire day. 

Make it a point to get yourself into that creative headspace before you start your day.  Then, you can use that creativity in your projects without even realizing you are being creative!  

Now it is your turn to find your creativity.  Start by figuring out what makes you a creative.  Then, schedule time daily to get your creativity on.  Start to branch out into other areas you want to try.  Then, start your day with a creativity focus to help increase your creativity throughout the entire day!  

So what is your creative outlet??


JESSICA Litman // professional organizer + productivity specialist 


Jessica is the founder of The Organized Mama; a blog where creativity and order are used to inspire joy in the every day! She is a wife to an amazing husband, mother to two kiddos & a fur-baby. Jessica is also a professional organizer, productivity specialist, writer, wanna-be decorator, crafter, exclamation-mark enthusiast, and lover of creativity. Follow along for all her organizing, crafting, and decorating adventures at The Organized Mama!

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