You want to start getting paid to speak … but could use a coach to help you craft a presentation (AND know what on earth to charge for your time).

‘Cause right now, you get a rush after every webinar you teach, but want to package up your expertise into a true presentation … you know, the type people raise their hands to pay for.

You totally understand that a value-packed, streamlined talk & killer confidence are two things you’ve gotta master as a paid creative speaker.

But some days, the thought of pitching yourself for a conference brings on MAJOR imposter syndrome feelings  … plus, you’ve clocked hours in your office watching TED Talks trying to learn good presentation structure (when all you wanna do is join your mate watching This Is Us in the living room -- UGH!).

So you’re emailing back a “yes” response to another small, local UNPAID speaking gig (again) … and gazing out the coffee shop window: Why is figuring out how to start making a little income from all your educational talks so hard?

You could buy another course to add to the stack that hasn’t earned it’s keep, and just cost you more time. You could hire a 1:1 coach and slowly figure out how to start making money over 3-6 months. But you’re quickly realizing you don’t have that kind of time to waste.

What if you could develop confidence to present publicly, and stand out as an expert in your saturated market—in one weekend?

Imagine learning the exact process to crafting, pitching, landing paid speaking opportunities at conferences and meet-ups, AND how to market yourself as a speaker -- so there’s no more Googling “how to write a presentation” or breaking out in a cold-sweat staring at a blank application.

You’d be able to reach the masses with your story and voice, and get clients outside your online bubble, without feeling like you’re fumbling over your words (or oversharing).

And forget trying to memorize index cards or plug in words to a Creative Market presentation template two nights before your talk -- you’ve got 3 ready-set, expert-approved talks in your back pocket rearing to go whenever you’re booked.

The best part? No more retreat hangover. HALLELUJAH! One whole day is dedicated to running around HP World with plenty of space to let your creativity really flow and get yourself back into the swing of things after 2 intense days of making all the best shit happen. When you're standing in line to break out of Gringotts Bank, any idea that flows through your brain for your biz, suddenly doesn't seem that crazy.

We’re Jessica Rasdall + Meghan Maydel, and we partner with female business owners to craft presentations that connect to audiences, help them stand out, and market themselves in a crowded industry.

We’re about to become your secret weapon for speaking like a pro, so you can get paid to do it!

The In-Person Retreats were created to give you the complete package for sharing your story, showcasing your expert status, and marketing yourself with ease—without it taking months to get there.

It’s a 4-day Retreat that gives you the toolbox and 1-on-1 training you need so you can get paid to deliver a strategic biz story that connects with your audience (and has conference organizers begging you to come back!).

During our time together, we’ll guide you through everything from how to deliver your presentation, pitch it with ease, market yourself, and feel confident through it all.

Are you ready to package up your expertise & deliver a talk with public speaking prowess?

Roll up your entrepreneurial sleeves and get away for the weekend: Let’s craft you up a powerful presentation to serve your audience, friend!

Here’s what you get at the In-Person Retreat

Signature Talk + Speaking Strategy

Partner with Jessica Rasdall to craft your signature talk, powerful pitches and foolproof speaking systems.

  • Your Signature Talk: Together, we’ll craft signature presentation like a pro that connects with your dream clients. You’ll be using this sucker and #alltheevents

  • Custom Speaker Roadmap: Tailored to fit the impact YOU want to make, your plan of attack for why, where and who you should be speaking to so you can stop the endless Google searches.

  • Your Speaker Toolbox: We’ll walk through my 360-degree asset guide to discover exactly what you need in your arsenal if you’re gonna get paid cash-money to speak

  • Speaking Systems Blueprint: The step-by-step process to set up this new stream of revenue in your business to work FOR you … not add another complicated thing to your to-do list (I know you’re runnin’ a biz!).

Deliver Your Talk Like a Pro: We’ll prep, practice and tweak your talk in person to be sure you’re not blanking out on stage, talking too fast, or letting nerves get the best of you -- those days are gone, friend!

Growth + Marketing Plan

Work side-by-side with Meghan Maydel to intentionally craft your growth and strategy for the next 12 months

  • Brainstorm #allthemarketingideas with Meghan Maydel for a custom plan-of-attack when it comes to getting visible and making you the sought after speaker for your niche.

  • A custom done-for-you growth strategy and marketing plan laid out in calendar view so you’re never guessing what to do or when to do it to market yourself as a speaker ever again

  • Plenty of how-to’s when it comes to sales funnel construction, Facebook ads, sales pages...pretty much everything you need to make sure everyone falls in love with you at first sight.

1 Magic-Filled Day at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Decompress, yet keep the genius ideas flowing with a “day off” at Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. You can definitely plan on:

  • Hanging out at Platform 9 ¾ waiting on the Hogwarts Express and riding it to and from both sides of the park.

  • Escaping from Voldemort at Gringotts Bank

  • All the chocolate cauldrons and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans you can handle

  • Butterbeer! Try it hot or frozen.

  • Exploring Hogwarts Castle

  • Riding a dragon

  • Kicking your feet up at Three Broomsticks

Meet 3 other badass entrepreneur women like yourself

Weekends are limited to 4 women total. You can use this as a team or mastermind retreat to help everyone build their skills or meet 3 other women who compliment your niche. Looking for something more intimate? We have an option for solo or partners too!

Other things that we totally take care of for ya:

Here’s the complete list of the rest of the nitty gritty details on what’s included:

  • Meals! Hangry chicks are the worst so we promise to keep you stuffed to the brim all weekend. Really, you may leave just a *few* pounds heavier from all the delicious food to be had. The only “meals” not included is anything at Harry Potter World/Universal Studios park.

  • Transportation to and from the airport + Airbnb. While we won’t do the whole stand at the bottom of the escalator with your name on a piece of paper (are we the only ones who think that would be really baller?) we will totally come pick ya up from the airport, bring ya to our AirBnb abode and take ya back to the airport when the retreat is over.

  • Swag. Worried about how you’re gonna pack all your note-taking + wizard flair into your luggage? No worries! We got ya covered with all kinds of swag to get ya through the intense work hours + HP World in style.

How does the Retreat work?


In-Person Retreats are only offered at limited times throughout the year!

What dates are currently available?

So, what’s the investment?

Sure, you could figure out all these templates, talk outlines, and speaking tips by yourself, watching umpteen hours of TED Talks and trying to figure out what they did behind the scenes to get there, and booking multiple free gigs to hone your presentation on top of randomly posting all over instagram, in your FB group, chucking money at Facebook ads ...

Or, you could take a short-cut:

Snag the weekend we’ve crafted after training more than 50 speakers, organizing more than 50 launches, building brand + marketing campaigns for companies such as Trident and Converse, and landing gigs on outlets like ABC 20/20, Katie Couric, MTV, The Today Show, and more.

Your investment for the In-Person Retreat is


Additional payment plans for select dates available

Have your own group of 4 ready to go? Contact us for our group discount pricing.
Looking for an even more exclusive experience of 1-2 people? Contact us for updated pricing.
Don’t see a date that works for you? Shoot us an email!
Not a Harry Potter fan? Email us for our beachfront date here.

How to know you’re a PERFECT fit for an In-Person Retreat:

  • You’ve been through quite the tale, and have gumption to get your message OUT in the world … just need someone to hold your hand and show you how to turn that mess into an actual message.

  • You’ve got a list of podcasts and conferences you’re DYING to appear on tucked away in your mind … and sometimes feel a little left-out when you see your industry buddy landing those spots … she rocks, but you’d love to get in on that action, too!

  • You’ve got smarts and heart as an expert in what you do, and you just *know* there’s a way to communicate the “heart” part of things without being a classic over-sharer in the process.

  • You’ve been at the entrepreneur game for a hot second, and if you could transition from free speaking to getting booked & paid, you’d be able to create more freedom (and impact).

  • You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning the financial process, ‘cause you’re so sick of feeling sleazy over wanting to get paid for your time prepping and delivering a presentation.

  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this professional speaking thing once and for all, leaving public speaking fears in the dust, and getting your biz a little bit closer to serving your audience (AND family) as a true asset.

  • You’re ready to streamline the marketing side of your business. No more being everywhere all the freaking time. You’re ready to know how to maximize your efforts in fewer places.

  • You’re ready to add speaking as a consistent revenue stream to your biz.

And just who are we?

Hi! I’m Jessica, your secret weapon to achieving the speaking success you desire. As a professional speaker and coach for female entrepreneurs, I’m dedicated to helping you turn your mess into a message and your passion into profit.

I’ve spent the last ten years traveling the country sharing my story on major media outlets such as The Today Show and 20/20. But none of this was never in my plans.

I was just a college freshman with a business scholarship. I thought I had the whole world ahead of me ...  until I threw away the life I knew in a matter of minutes. I made a decision that claimed the life of my best friend, nearly ended my own, and shattered the lives of more people than can ever be measured. I drank, drove and killed my best friend.

There was nothing that could change what happened. Nothing was going to bring her back and I am the only one to blame for that. The only thing I COULD do (and what I knew I had to do) was prevent others from repeating my mistake.

I set out on a mission to share my message and raise awareness across the country. Over 15,000 young adults were impacted by that message before I was sentenced to prison.

Speaking to the masses was never in my plans.

But if there is one thing I learned from this journey it’s that your message matters.

I know you have a message that the world needs to hear.

And now, I want you to ditch your comfort zone, roll up your sleeves and put in the work to serve your people from the stage, so you can impact the masses.

Hold on tight, friend. You’re about to embark on that journey you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Hey hey, I’m Meghan, your marketing strategist badass who’s here to help you think differently and stand out from the crowd while you’re at it. I’m a marketing + sales funnel strategist who helps biz owning women like yourself FINALLY get consistent with your client and cash flow via sales funnels, launches, and strategic plans.

After spending years between the design + agency + creative department life and working on campaigns for companies like Converse, Trident, and Apple while also leading several other corporate re-brands, I realized that I wasn’t about the “corporate America determining my worth” life. And in 2014 I broke out on my own.

My mission is to help other boss women realize their dream of supporting themselves + their families + their wildest financial goals with the skills their mama (or a way overpriced degree) gave ‘em, and a marketing strategy that outperforms the competition.
You’re ready to make waves. Together we can make that big impact you’ve been dreaming about.


Jessica, What if I’ve never been asked to speak professionally?

A-ok! This is for anyone who wants to pursue speaking as part of your entrepreneurial business model -- whether you’ve been asked to deliver a keynote or just love delivering a jam-up webinar. The course walks through how I’ve coached speakers for all sorts of talks, so you can get started being a more confident speaker!

Jessica, Is this retreat for beginner or experienced speakers?

Both! While intensive provides a solid foundation + blueprint for beginners who haven't ever spoken before, it is an equally valuable tool for experienced speakers. If you’ve been dipping your toes into speaking but are ready to refine your craft and get paid (helloooo, yes please!) this is for you! Wherever you are in your message-sharing journey, you'll walk away with an efficient process, thorough toolkit and confidence for days!

Jessica, There’s no WAY I could actually make money as a speaker!

Um, hi, that was me -- I used to say the same thing back when I was first seeing I could turn my mess into a message! What I learned though is that being an speaker is actually the most secure business move I could have ever made: encouraging others with my story and impacting others with a ray of hope … that’s actually been the ticket to creating an income stream that honors my family, and lets me be a mama bear, too. It’s possible, friend. I want to show you how!

Meghan, What if I already have a marketing plan on lock?

For those who are either past clients or ladies who are just so baller in their businesses that their marketing strategy is already on lock, we will spend time mapping out funnels to create more passive income while you’re out flaunting your speaker stuff, or crafting launches around the big conferences you want to speak at to ensure none of your revenue streams suffer.

Ladies, I just don’t think I can spend that right now!

Oh, friend, how we’ve been there: stepping out and trust falling into a business investment is a scary thing! Even years into our businesses, we get sweaty palms before hiring a coach or partner. But along the way, we’ve learned: when we invest in our business, and pay for a shortcut that lets us develop a new side of our businesses, the money always, always comes back. And sure, there’s a TON of content out there these days. Could you learn these tricks on your own? Sure! But speaking from experience, that always zaps hours off precious work hours-- which in turn always costs way more in the long run.

Is there a bigger payment plan??

Payment plans for dates that are more than 120 days out do have the option for payment plans that consist of more, smaller payments. Shoot us an email for details.

Do I even have time for this??

Heard! Let’s be real: Between the 2 of us, we’re running around with messy buns, bed head,  a toddler, spastic pets, and amazing teams to manage … we get it! If you commit to 4 days with us, it will save you HOURS (and some serious cash) in the long run. Plus, you’ll be set you with a plan you can easily replicate.

Do I get access after the weekend is over to your brains?

How does 2 weeks of email access sound? We get it. Sometimes you get home and this flood of “WTF do I do now?” hits you and you need some reassurance that you’ve got everything you need and you’re ready to rock. Shoot us an email with any questions or situations you need help navigating and you’ve got our full attention.

How do I register for a date?

Ready to book? YES! Simply book a call with us so we can talk about your long-term goals and which dates we currently have available to get you the links to book.

What if I need to move my date?

We get it! Emergencies happen! If the new date you would like to have is already full, we can always reach out and suggest a swap. If your new date is open, we can transfer your attendance to that date for you, however you will be responsible for any issues that come up with your travel to Orlando, FL. If we are less than 2 weeks out from your scheduled date, a rescheduling fee may be incurred.

Exactly what all is included during the retreat? Meals? Airfare?

We need you ready to kill it this weekend so everything is included except your travel to and from Orlando (we totally come get ya from the airport and take ya back when the experience is over), and your meals (”meals”) at Harry Potter World.

What if I don’t understand this whole Harry Potter craze and would rather skip HP World?

While we’re not sure why anyone wouldn’t be a HP fan, we’ll go ahead and forgive you...this time. If HP world totally isn’t your thing, we also have 1 weekend available that’s beachfront in St. Petersburg, FL where we can get down to business and also have some chill beach time.

I already have 3 biz besties I want to come with, how does that work?

Perfect! We offer discounts for complete groups of 4 to book at the same time. Shoot us an email with who you want to attend and what date looks good to you and we can get ya the updated pricing info.

I’m more of a 1:1 gal and would prefer a retreat with only myself or me and 1 other boss. Is that possible?

Yep! These are perfect for partnerships who are looking to take things to the next level together or someone who just doesn’t wanna share her time with anyone else. #nojudgement...Meghan is the same way. Book a call with us to talk about pricing and dates for our 1-2 person package.

Do you offer refunds?

We do, but only for a limited time. If you’re more than 6 weeks out from your date, we totally offer a refund of all monies paid. After 6 weeks, due to the nature of the event refunds are not possible. If you run into an issue where you have to completely cancel at the last second, you can always contact us to hook you up with our waitlist ladies who you could maybe sell + transfer your seat to.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

We'd love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Feel free to drop us a line here. Looking forward to hearing from you!