From Enemies to Allies: Jessica Rasdall and Rohom Khonsari


An Unlikely Pair

“Second chances aren’t given to make things right, but are given to prove we can be better even after we fall.” -Anonymous

Twelve years ago, Jessica Rasdall and Rohom Khonsari sat on opposite sides of the courtroom. Their positions completely different, one wracked with guilt, with a family seeking compassion for their daughter; the other seeking justice for a family that lost their child.

Jessica and Rohom would have described each other in a very different, unfortunate light. She viewed him as the enemy; the one trying to ruin her life by putting her in prison. He viewed her as another defendant to put behind bars, while doing his job of seeking justice for a family in mourning.

Today, they stand alongside each other sharing their stories from two opposite perspectives, yet both fighting for the same goal- teaching others to understand how one decision can change your whole life. Jessica and Rohom bring life to the term “second chances”. In understanding the opportunity both Jessica and Rohom had in front of them, they partnered together to share the importance of actions and consequences. Jessica shares the events of that evening and the aftermath of the decision to drink and drive while Rohom helps audiences understand the legal and logistical side of their story.  

Together, they help others understand not only the importance of their decisions, but the importance of forgiveness and second chances. Against all odds, Jessica and Rohom continue to work together for the greater good; helping others understand the importance of thinking twice and ultimately taking responsibility for your actions.

Read Jessica's story of how this unlikely pair went from ENEMIES to allies