The Creative Speaker Podcast

 Scheduling Your Interview is just a few simple steps away.

We’re SO excited to have you on The Creative Speaker Podcast. 
Getting your interview scheduled is just a few simple steps away.

Let's Get Started:

  1. Please use the scheduler below to select your time zone and schedule a interview slot

  2. Review and Agree to the Podcast Terms

  3. Answer a few short questions to help us make the most of our time together

  4. Upload a headshot of yourself at the bottom of the form


A few things to note about your interview: 

  • At your scheduled interview time, we'll meet in our private Zoom meeting room.

  • From there, I'll send you a link to join Zencastr to record our audio. We'll mute ourselves in Zoom and leave video on to help with conversation flow.

  • Our virtual recording studio does have video, but we’ll only be using the audio portion of your interview for the podcast. Feel free to ‘come as you are.’ (Sweatpants are never frowned upon, here!)

  • Please use a professional microphone, if you have one. If not, we ask that you please use headphones to help capture the best audio quality of your interview. Please plan to wear headphones during the interview to avoid an echo and help our listeners hear your message.

Please let us know if you have any questions!




Please Select Your Time Zone and Schedule Your Interview, Here: