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Thank you!

Thank you for trusting me with your message and allowing our team to support you on this journey.

Compiling my experiences, trainings and personal systems into a cohesive program for you has been an absolute labor of love and I can’t wait to watch you grow beyond your comfort zone.

You may find these following months to be intense, uncomfortable and maybe even frustrating at times. But I promise you this: if you show up authentically, engage with our group, and roll up your sleeves to put in the work, you'll come out of this program a force to be reckoned with!

Please know that we are here to support you every step of your journey.


You have everything you need to create the life and business you desire. Ultimately, the power of this program rests with you. We ask that you always show up prepared to engage and commit to taking action. We ask that you immerse yourself in the training and implement the strategies into your business.

We understand that sharing your story with the world can be scary at times. We get it. We're here in the trenches with you. Together, let's remain committed to our success and keep taking that next step.

It's always awkward before its graceful, so keep pushing through - no matter how imperfect it may feel.

Please know that you can count on us to be absolutely honest and straightforward with you. We want you to achieve as much success as possible. We are fully committed to supporting you and helping you reach your goals.

Welcome to the Speaker Circle family, friend. Let’s do this!

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Join the Facebook Group

First things first, we’d love to have you join the members-only Facebook group. All communication and announcements throughout the program will happen in the group. The group is also a great place for you to collaborate and cheer each other on!

  • To-Do: Click the “join group” button to hop into the group!

Create your speaking folder

All of the homework assignments throughout the program will be delivered via Google Doc. The reason for this is so that you can do the work directly in the docs and then actually use them as part of your speaking process.

  • To-Do: create your dedicated SPEAKING folder inside of your google drive!

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Weekly Schedule

The schedule below is a basic overview of what we’ll be covering each week. We’ll alternate between teaching and implementation weeks, with the in-person workshop in the middle of it all! Please know that while we try to lay out this curriculum as best we can ahead of time, the schedule is subject to slight changes along the way! We’ll keep this page as updated as we can throughout the entire program, so plan to check back here often!

On teaching calls, we’ll be covering a new concept and ending the call with a clear call to action/homework assignment to apply to your business. The following week will be for implementation so that you have plenty of time to put what you’re learning into action!

We’d love for you to be live on the calls so you can receive support tailored to your needs. However, things come up and you may miss a call. Don’t worry! All calls will be recorded and you’ll have access to them below to binge anytime you want.

The first coaching call will be your orientation call. Jessica will cover #allthethings related to the program so that you know exactly what to expect, then dive into your “laying the groundwork” lesson.

*** Teaching week Calls will be held on Thursdays at 1pm EST ***

week of July 8th

Week of July 15th

  • Implementation - Put last week’s content into action!

Week of July 22nd

  • Conversion Strategy

  • Call Recording

  • Homework Assignment (see Facebook group post)

Week of July 29th

  • Implementation - Put last week’s content into action!

Week of August 5th

Week of August 12th

  • We’ll see you in Florida for the WORKSHOP! 🙌🌴

Week of August 19th

  • Workshop recovery and implementation

Week of August 26th

Week of September 2nd

  • Implementation - Put last week’s content into action!

Week of September 9th

Week of September 16th

  • Implementation - Put last week’s content into action!

Week of September 23rd

Week of September 3oth

  • Implementation - Put last week’s content into action!

Week of October 7th

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Save the Date!

The Speaker Circle In-person Workshop will take place in Tampa, Florida on August 16 and 17.

You should plan for two very full days of learning and implementation! We’ll start with breakfast each morning at 8:30am and finish each day with some happy hour mastermind time, then go our separate ways around 5:00pm.

On day two (Saturday) there will be a photographer on-site to take photos of each of you presenting (to use on your speaker website page, etc.) + to provide fresh headshots. Plan to wear something on-brand that day!

RE: flights, here’s what YOU need to know:

  • You’ll want to fly into Tampa International (TPA).

  • The event starts Friday morning on August 16 and ends Saturday evening on August 17.

  • We suggest flying in on Thursday, August 15 and flying out on Sunday, August 18.

RE: Hotels, here’s what you need to know:

  • The retreat will be held at Harborside Suites at Little Harbor.

  • We’ll spend part of the time in their Social Room and part of the time in Jess+Annie’s Suite.

  • You have a few options for rooms:

    • You can opt to book your own, totally private suite.

    • You can opt to all share a 2BR or 3BR suite (with private bedrooms/bathrooms, because, introverts).

    • Here is the link to view the options on their website. You can book directly from the website, or Hotels.com also has a good rate available.

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Our Speaker Circle community will live in a private Facebook group. This will be our hub to communicate, ask questions, encourage each other, etc. The beauty of a small, intimate group is that you can get feedback from your circle-sisters who are fully invested in YOUR success. We’re in this to grow TOGETHER. If you have a question, others are probably wondering the same thing. Don’t be afraid to ask inside of the Facebook community. It is a safe space to share!

Document Review

Need Jessica’s eyes on your homework? No problem!

During implementation weeks, you’re welcome to schedule a 1:1 call with Jessica to get her eyes on your work. Scheduling a call below and using the intake form provided will allow both you and Jessica to be super prepared and make the most of your time. You can schedule up to two calls each month, so you will have plenty of 1:1 time with Jessica for feedback!

Because these calls are available to you, we kindly ask that you refrain from tagging Jessica in the Facebook group to review your work. That said, we absolutely encourage you to post your work in the Facebook group for your fellow circle-sisters to give you feedback! Each person will give you a different perspective and bring more ideas to the table.

*** Call scheduling is now closed ***

Other Questions

For technical questions, billing issues, etc…

Please email Annie at: annie@thepublicspeakingstrategist.com

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All course materials, trainings, recordings, and supplemental documents are strictly for personal use. These items may NOT to be shared with anyone outside of the mentorship.


“The first rule of The Speaker Circle is that you don't talk about The Speaker Circle.” Just kidding, please talk about the group and how awesome it is. However, always respect one another's privacy. Anything that is discussed within our group should never leave our group.  Period!


The nature of this program can be emotional at times. Please respect everyone and their journey. We are all at different places and have experienced different things. There is no room for judgment, hate or criticism. Leave it at the door before you come inside.


We respect all members of the speaker circle and are dedicated to maintaining a safe, growth-centered environment. If any member is found violating the above guidelines, they will be terminated from the program without refund. We will do everything in our power to maintain a trusting, respectful speaker circle-sisterhood. We’ve got your back, friend.