Connie Holen


Connie Holen helps fitness and wellness studio owners tame the tech of studio ownership. She’s a Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant, Authorized Squarespace Trainer and the owner of Pixality, a web design and digital marketing agency. Connie is committed to helping studio owners create seamless online experiences so they can run more efficient, profitable, and stress-free businesses. Her specialties include web design, email marketing automations, search engine optimization, and Facebook ads.

Speaking Topics:

Web design, digital marketing strategy, email marketing

Ideal Audiences:

Fitness and Wellness Studio Owners

Presentation Format:

Keynote Presentations, Hands-on Workshops

Signature Talks:

Digital Marketing Strategy For Fitness & Wellness Studios
Bite-sized actions to increase revenue and improve retention

You’ve got your studio vibe and customer experience dialed in— at least once they walk through your front door. Have you designed your client’s digital experience with as much care? If you’re like most studios who haven’t, your revenue and retention could be taking a big hit.

Your prospect’s digital journey is full of opportunities and obstacles. In this presentation we’ll tackle them one-by-one and craft a welcoming path for your clients (and potential clients) that will increase your revenue and improve your bottom line.

If you know it’s time to uplevel your studio’s marketing game but aren’t sure where to start, this presentation is for you.  

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover 3 quick marketing tasks you can do today to start attracting more clients immediately

  2. Learn why you should stop boosting Facebook posts (and what to do instead)

  3. Identify (and fix!) digital dead-ends so that you can prevent leads from falling through the cracks

Ideal Audience:

This presentation is perfect for fitness and wellness studios who are ready to market smarter to grow their client base. This presentation is a beginner-intermediate level introduction to digital marketing and online advertising. 

Websites That Work
Turning clicks into clients

Your website should be your best employee—welcoming casual browsers to your digital doorstep and guiding them effortlessly to the information they desire. If your website functions more like a roadside barrier, it could be sabotaging all of your marketing efforts—turning hot leads away towards your competitor. Ouch.

In this presentation, we’ll walk through your prospect’s website journey and clear their path to becoming a paying client.

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of your website, feel it doesn’t accurately reflect the in-person experience you offer or is simply a hodgepodge of digital duct tape and long-forgotten marketing campaigns, you don’t want to miss this presentation!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how to balance digital curb appeal with needed functionality so your website is both engaging and effective

  2. Strategize where to use embedded integrations from your scheduling software so that you can provide an effortless checkout experience

  3. Discover the two hidden web pages you need to improve conversion and retention numbers for your studio

Ideal Audience:

This presentation is perfect for fitness and wellness studios who are just getting started or are anxious to see more clients from their online marketing efforts.

No-Sweat Email Marketing
What successful studios are really sending

As a business owner, you know retaining clients is essential to the success of your studio. You’ve heard email can be a great way to encourage and check-in on your community…but are the emails you spend valuable time crafting really helping to grow your business?

Infuse your email marketing with new energy and create automated emails that make your clients feel seen, heard and valued. Nurture your clients with personalized communications that put recommendations and encouragement in their inbox right when they need it most.

In this presentation we’ll answer the question, how can we do email better?

It’s time to think beyond newsletters and start sending email communications that are authentic, relevant and targeted.

Key Takeaways:

  1. A strategic framework to create your own automated email plan so that you can improve retention at a variety of client touch-points.

  2. Tips to make your emails a true force multiplier (without the icky marketing feel)

  3. A cut-and-paste template to optimize your new client welcome email so that you can stop wasting this valuable communication opportunity!

Ideal Audience:

This presentation is perfect for class-based fitness and wellness studios who are looking to improve client retention rates with automation.

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