1:1 Speaker Mentorship for Business Owners

You're an expert at your craft and no rookie to the entrepreneurial journey. Your vision is BIG and you know you’re going to make a huge impact on the world. You’re ready to ditch your comfort zone, take massive action and dramatically increase your visibility in your industry.


In order to see the success you truly deserve, you know there are three things you need to master:

(1) How to craft a value-packed, streamlined talk that showcases your expertise.

(2) How to deliver your talk confidently and inspire others to take action.

(3) How to get your presentation in front of your dream clients.


What if you could develop confidence to present publicly, and stand out as the expert you ARE in your market?

Imagine learning the exact process to crafting, pitching, landing and delivering speaking presentations at conferences or meet-ups. Forget the endless hours Googling “how to write a presentation” or breaking out in a cold-sweat staring at a blank application.


You’d be able to reach the masses with your story and voice, and gain new clients without feeling like you’re fumbling over your words (or over-sharing). No more trying to memorize index cards or plug in words to a powerpoint presentation template two nights before your talk -- you’ll have 3 ready-set, expert-approved talks in your back pocket rearing to go whenever you’re booked.



Jessica Rasdall | The Public Speaking Strategist for Creatives

I’m Jessica, and I partner with creative business owners to craft stories and presentations that connect to audiences and help them stand out from the crowd.


Now? I’m about to become your secret weapon for speaking like a pro, so you increase your influence with confidence.


This 1:1 Speaking Mentorship was created to give you the step-by-step blueprint for sharing your story & showcasing your expert status. I'm going to take you under my wing and give you the toolbox, 1-on-1 support, and trainings you need to deliver a strategic, professional story that connects with your audience (and has organizers begging you to come back!). During our time together, I’ll guide you through Crafting Your Signature Talk, How to Find Events, Pitching & Negotiating Financial Details, Delivering Your Talk Like a Pro and Converting from the Stage.

Are you ready to package up your expertise & deliver a talk with public speaking prowess? Roll up your entrepreneurial sleeves & pull a fresh cuppa coffee: Let’s craft you up a powerful presentation to serve your audience, friend!

How to know you’re a PERFECT fit for this 1:1 Speaking Mentorship:

  • You’ve been through quite the tale, and have gumption to get your message OUT in the world … just need someone to hold your hand and show you how to turn that mess into an actual message.

  • You’ve got smarts and heart as an expert in what you do, and you just *know* there’s a way to communicate the “heart” part of things without breaking out in a sweat or over-sharing.

  • You’ve got a list of visibility opportunities you’re DYING to be featured on tucked away in your mind … and sometimes feel a little left-out when you see your industry buddy landing those spots … she rocks, but you’d love to get in on that action, too! You've earned it!

  • You’ve been at the entrepreneur game for a hot second, and if you could transition from free speaking to getting booked & paid, you’d be able to create more freedom (and impact).

  • You don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning details and processes.

  • You're ready for MORE! You know it's time to claim the recognition you've been working your tail off for without fear of judgement or criticism.

  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this speaking thing once and for all, leaving public speaking fears in the dust, and getting your biz a little bit closer to serving your audience (AND family) as a true asset.

How our mentorship program works:

FIRST >> We'll take inventory of where you're at, what materials are already in place, and what you most want to achieve.

NEXT >> We'll create our plan of attack and map out the curriculum to be covered.

THEN >> We'll work together to crush your speaking goals one by one.

Curriculum is tailored to fit your personal needs. Here is an idea of some potential topics to be covered:

  • Your Speaker Brand & Messaging: Creating Your Roadmap

  • The 3 T's: Topics, Titles, Takeaways -  Presentation Overviews & Pitches

  • Your Speaker Toolbox: Building Your Marketing Materials that Stand Out

  • Securing Your Expert Status: Identifying & booking credibility building opportunities

  • Events & Finances: Identifying Speaking Opportunities & Navigating Negotiations 

  • Signature Talks - Crafting Your Keynotes Like a Pro

  • Speaker Sales Funnels - Converting from the Stage

All Mentorship packages come with:

Unlimited virtual support via voxer & email to keep you accountable, review of pitches & applications, and help pairing you with speaking opportunities. You'll also receive recordings of our calls that you can binge Netflix style. PLUS worksheets, templates and swipe copy that you can use again and again for future speaking opportunities.

PLUS >> 3 Months of outreach support from our team (pitching on your behalf )

Pick your path

We understand that education and mentorship is not “one-size-fits-all.” We’re all at different places in our speaker journey and we have our preferred methods for learning. To best fit your unique learning style, we have two different options for how we can conduction your 1:1 Speaker Mentorship.

6 month speaker coaching mentorship with jessica rasdall
In Person Speaker Intensive



  • Have a clear picture of where, what, how and when you should be speaking for YOUR business

  • Be equipped with the tools and systems to confidently apply for speaking opportunities

  • Have Strategically Crafted Presentation Titles, Descriptions + Pitches that Convert

  • Have Your Carefully Crafted Signature Talk all tied up with a bow!

  • Know when to say yes (or no) to speaking engagements

  • Know how to leverage free speaking opportunities

  • Have Your Speaker Toolbox Blueprint ready to leverage for speaking opportunities

  • Have Your Personalized Speaker Marketing Strategy so you know exactly where you put in your efforts

  • Know how to generate leads and clients without feeling salesy

  • Know what and how to charge for your speaking services

  • Confidently be able to sell your services and products from the stage

  • Have Your Speaker Business System to work WITH your existing business rather than against it

  • Have Referral Preference for Jessica’s personal speaking contacts.


Due to the intimate 1:1 nature of this program, availability is limited. All mentorships participants will be hand selected via application.
As a participant in our mentorship, we need a few things from you. Before you apply, please be sure that you are able to do the following:

  • Trust the process and ditch your comfort zones

  • Be ready to take massive action and own your results


IF YOU’RE UP FOR THAT… AND MASSIVE SPEAKING SUCCESS Apply to join our mentorship program, here >>