Why Am I Not Getting Booked to Speak? (When It Feels Like Everyone Else Is)


A lot of you ask me, “why does it feel like I’m the only one NOT getting asked to speak at these amazing industry events?”

Ever felt that way?

Maybe you keep seeing the same person pop up in every speaker lineup announcement. Maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram and keep seeing the same speaker at event after event.

Maybe you’ve attended multiple events with the same speaker and watch her thinking to yourself, “why her and not me?”

It’s easy to think you keep getting overlooked for these opportunities, or there’s something wrong with us personally. There’s a reason no one wants us at their events.

But the reality is much simpler: that speaker you keep seeing and feel jealous of? She’s probably taking action you’re not.

The next time you see a speaker announcement or Insta photo that makes you feel passed over, the next time you feel stuck in that comparison trap, remind yourself of what I’m telling you in this video:

Jessica RasdallComment