What Should I Speak On At Creative Conferences If I Have a B2C Business?

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If you own a business that doesn’t serve other businesses, you may think that you have nothing to talk about at creative conferences full of entrepreneurs.

That’s completely untrue, so today we’re going to talk about how all the B2C entrepreneurs out there can approach these kinds of presentations, and what you should be talking about.

Let’s use the wedding industry as an example.

Say you’re a florist wanting to speak at creative conferences in the wedding industry. I’m sure you want to talk about your work and experience.

But if the audience is full of other business owners, wedding planners, photographers, stationers, caterers, and stuff like that, you may be thinking, “how is this actually going to help me grow my business if the audience isn’t my ideal client?”

I want you to think about this differently.

That audience may not be full of your potential customers, but it IS full of potential opportunities.

Here’s how you can choose the right topic for your audience and your business at your next creative conferences:

Jessica Rasdall1 Comment