Why You Need a YouTube Channel as a Speaker

If you are thinking about adding speaking to your business you probably aren’t thinking about a YouTube channel, right?  What good would a YouTube channel do for you if you want to start booking those speaking gigs?  Why should you add another platform?

Let me tell you, you are missing out on a huge opportunity on YouTube.  And YouTube should probably be the main platform you are focusing on!

Here’s why:

Build Your Authority

With a YouTube channel you are able to build your authority much faster than any other platform!  Images and text can only go so far, but if you can get on video and talk comfortably and openly about your subject matter, BOOM!  Instant authority.

Conference organizers are looking for people they know are going to add value to their conference.  They are also looking for people who can be confident on stage.  Your YouTube videos will show this.

YouTube video is especially important if you are just starting to add speaking to your business strategy.  You might not get a lot of opportunities to speak and show off your skills, so use YouTube to show off your skills and personality.  

You can easily send these video links off to a conference organizer and you will instantly stand out amongst everyone else!

Get Found

It can be daunting to constantly send pitches to conference organizers, wouldn’t it be sweet if they came to you?  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and if optimized properly, you can get your videos ranked on the front page of Google search results.  

Think about it, if a conference organizer is looking for a business coach or a copywriter, don’t you think they might reach out to you if they search Google for a copywriter and a video of yours pops up?  Or maybe you had a video that helped them solve their problem?  They watch a few videos and feel instantly connected to you because of your video content.  And they see how knowledgeable and helpful you are!  They will instantly want to book you.

No only that, but referrals are huge in the speaking industry.  If you are providing valuable video content and connecting with your audience, there’s a chance one of those viewers could be a conference organizer or know someone who needs a speaker.  And since you already created a relationship with them on video, you are the first person on their mind!

Plus, let’s remember YouTube is a search engine, Facebook is not.  So if you are doing Facebook Live, no one is able to search that content.  The only people who see your Facebook Live content are people who already follow you.


Practice makes perfect, right?!  If you want to practice your speaking skills on video, why not use that opportunity to make content?  It doesn’t make sense to waste the time!

By putting yourself on video, not only are you able to critique yourself and improve your skills and delivery but you are able to build your confidence!  You can ask business besties or family members to critique you to help you grow as a speaker.

And since you are already creating video content to practice, why not use this content to help grow your business and help your audience out?  You can add these videos on your blog, Instagram post or even in sales funnels!

Get your YouTube channel setup for success!  Grab my Channel Checklist!

What are your thoughts?  Think a Youtube channel might help you book that next gig?


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Trena Little // Video and YouTube Strategist


As a video and Youtube strategist, Trena helps online business owners create a video content strategy that works for their business.  Being a busy business owner herself, she understands the importance of making video simple and painless but effective and lasting.  Her Youtube videos are her sales team and they do the heavy lifting for free!