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Jessica spoke the truth, didn’t hold back and was extremely sincere. She wants to help just ONE person, because like she has said if just one person benefits from it that’s all that matters. It just takes one person.
— Brooke, United States Navy Norfolk, VA

Yes I Can: How to Leverage Negativity to Your Advantage

Jessica Rasdall has encountered her fair share of negativity on her journey from murderer to survivor. In "Yes I Can" she shares her journey and inspires others to live out their dreams regardless of the challenges they are faced with. Jessica outlines the roadblocks she has faced and teaches her audience exactly how to leverage negativity and use it to their advantage. This transformational presentation equips the audience with the necessary tools to face challenges head on and develop a forward thinking mindset focused on a positive outcome. Through self-evaluation, internal shifts and a clearly defined strategy for success, Jessica teaches her audience how to use negativity to take them to the next level. Everyone faces difficult challenges in life. The key is to not only overcome those challenges, but to use that negativity to our advantage.

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  • Learn how to forgive the past
  • Learn how to determine if you should pursue a new venture or idea
  • Learn how to create a strategy for success
  • Learn when, and how to take action
  • Learn how to deal with internal roadblocks, negativity and external factors
  • Learn how to equip yourself and your team with necessary tools to face life's challenges head on
  • Be inspired and motivated to handle challenges with confidence

The Fortune in Forgiveness

How many business deals have been overlooked because of burned bridges, miscommunications or misunderstandings? There is a hidden fortune in forgiveness that is available to everyone. The question is, who is willing to harness it? Jessica Rasdall and Rohom Khonsari began their journey in what seemed like worlds apart: opposing sides of the courtroom. From the former offender and prosecutor, this unlikely pair now shares the stage as business partners with a shared purpose: to impact just one life. In, "The Fortune of Forgiveness" Jessica and Rohom teach the audience how to up level communication skills, handle conflict and unearth the hidden fortune in forgiveness.

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  • Eye opening inventory of potential missing streams of revenue
  • Understand the fortune in forgiveness
  • Learn how to forgive the unthinkable
  • Learn how to harness emotions and up level communication skills
  • Learn how to handle conflict
  • Learn how to help your team navigate failures
  • Be inspired and motivated to forgive and create new partnerships

Turn Your Mess into a Message: How to Lead with Your Story 

Everyone has a story to tell. The story could be comprised of a series of events or a single moment that changed everything. Regardless of the details, the power of storytelling in unlimted if properly delivered. Over the last ten years, Jessica Rasdall has helped coutless individuals embrace their story and uncover their purpose. In "Turn Your Mess into a Message" Jessica teacher her audience how to carefully craft and deliver their story from the heart. This transformational presentation equips the audience with the necessary tools to embrace their story, strengthen communication skills and uplevel leadership potential.

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  • Understand the power of storytelling
  • Be able to embrace your story with confidence
  • Learn how to carefully craft your story to connect with your audience
  • Learn how to deliver your story for maximum impact
  • Learn how to improve communication skills
  • Learn how to use your story to improve leadership impact
  • Learn how to help your team harness the power of their story Be motivated and inspired to embrace your story