Abby Grace Springmann


Abby Grace is an international wedding & anniversary photographer, based just outside Washington, DC. A Francophile, Hufflepuff, and ballet enthusiast, she’s had the joy of teaching creatives in France and across the US. She’s a communication guru with a passion for teaching others to run businesses that enables lives they dearly love, and believes in the ruthless pursuit of leaning into your unique gifts as an entrepreneur.

Abby's background in Communication & PR paired with nearly ten years of profitable business ownership make her an authority for creatives looking to up-level their business. She often speaks in movie quote and song lyrics, and her secret weapon is a tube of red lipstick.

Speaking Topics:

Work/Life Balance for Entrepreneurs, Communication (specifically email), Outsourcing for Small Business Ownership

Ideal Audiences:

Small Business Owners

Presentation Format:

Keynote Presentations, Breakout Sessions

Signature Talks:

The Gentle No- Declining with grace, and growing stronger because of it

Ask any business owner whether they want to do what they love for a living, while also having space for a LIFE outside of business, and the answer will be a resounding “YES!” So then… why does that become so hard to actually walk out on a day-to-day basis? Why do we consistently say “yes” to opportunities we KNOW aren’t a good fit? The Gentle No explores why most entrepreneurs have difficulty saying “no,” how to spot dead-end opportunities for what they are, and how overcome the fear associated with turning down requests that just don’t fit.  

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how to spot opportunities that might not be a good fit for your business

  2. Understand why entrepreneurs have difficulty saying “no”

  3. Learn to confidently assert your interests without damaging relationships

  4. Gain the tools needed to decline with grace and find better balance between work and life

Ideal Audience:

This talk is a combination of motivation, inspiration, and hands-on practical application. It is best delivered as a keynote, and is applicable across the creative industry as a whole, regardless of experience or time in business.  

Emailing Like A Boss

As a professional, you want to excel at your craft- that’s a given . But no matter how GOOD you are at your main job, have you ever stopped to think about how poor or unprofessional communication might be taking AWAY from your reputation as a business owner? Your ultimate success as a business owner relies on SO much more than just how good you are at your craft, and many of your clients’ first impressions begin with your inbox. Don’t let a lack of email etiquette kill your game- we’ll address the six most common email mistakes (and how to fix them), and why a strong email strategy should never be underestimated.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when it comes to email strategy, and how to avoid them

  2. How to get your clients to funnel all their communication through one central location( spoiler alert- that’d be email!)

  3. How to train your clients to respect your work/life boundaries using a few easy tools and techniques

  4. How to develop a professional voice for your inbox that strengthens client relationships, and bolsters your business’s reputation

Ideal Audience:

This talk is a combination of kick-in-the-pants motivation and hands-on practical application. It is best delivered as a keynote but can also work as a breakout session, and is applicable across the creative industry as a whole. This talk is essential for any newer entrepreneurs less than three years in business, and for more experienced professionals who struggle with communicating efficiently and effectively with their clients.

Let It Go- How outsourcing pays you back, and then some

Business owners, especially newer ones, tend to look at expenses in terms of “dollars in vs. dollars out.” But investing just DOESN’T work that way! Let It Go dives into the irrefutable benefits of outsourcing, and how letting go of control of certain areas of your business will mean greater growth and job satisfaction

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