Dealing with Jealousy in Business

The [Jealousy] struggle is real. 

Are you finding yourself discouraged by the success of your peers rather than motivated by it? Do you use the phrase #CollaborationOverCompetition but you're really #ComparingAndJudging behind the scenes.

Jealous is normal... but that beast is crippling your success. 

Watch this week's video to help you overcome those pesky jealous feelings + Learn Where you should be focusing your attention instead:

Three things you can do RIGHT NOW to Overcome Jealousy in Your Business:

[1] Relax. It's completely normal to struggle with jealousy now and then. As long as you are not acting on those feelings [that is a different story] give yourself a break and step away from work for a moment. 

[2] Acknowledge it and Release it. Call it like it is. No, "she" didn't have special treatment. No, "you" didn't get sabotaged.

"She" did something awesome.
You're jealous.
That's normal.
Let's move on now.

[3] Put Your Blinders On. Unless you are crystal clear on your vision for the future, you are going to find yourself distracted by the shiny objects to your left and right. 




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