Presentation Prep: 3 Tips on Preparing for Q&A

Don't freak out just yet...

You landing a speaking opportunity and you're super nervous. You're not scared of speaking... Pshhh, you're already got that in the bag. You're freaking out because they told you that there will be Q & A after your presentation.

Don't worry, I have a trick (or 3) up my sleeve to help you rock your Q&A session!

But before we jump into today's Q&A tips, let's make sure we've covered all the bases and you have a perfectly crafted keynote to start with. One of the best ways to prevent an awkward Q&A session is to craft an incredible presentation. The more time you put into THIS step, the less time you'll spend navigating awkward questions. Here is an extra resources to be sure your presentation is on point: 3 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Write Your Presentation

WATCH THIS WEEK'S VIDEO TO LEARN my top 3 tips for preparing for q&a:

THREE Tips for preparing for Q+A:

[1] Ask your people. If you know who your audience is going to be, seek out a few individuals who fit the part. Get their insight and sneak peek into what questions your audience may ask. Speaking in front of a mixed audience? Here a few bonus tips to help you: Prepare for speaking for a mixed audience.

[2] Brainstorm.  When looking at your content, what possible follow up question might the audience have? Big, small, relevant or not--flesh them out! The questions are not as important as your answers. So practice how to respond to these.

[3] Give yourself permission to say NO. Every now and then, someone will ask an inappropriate question. If you ever find yourself in a position where you're not comfortable (or prepared) to answer a question, politely decline. You don't have to answer every question. People respect honesty. The last thing you want is to get defensive or rude--so pass before it's too late! 



I want to know: what are YOUR favorite ways to prepare for Q&A? Are there still some fears or uncertainties holding you back? What is it that you are working towards and how can I help support you in achieving it?



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