How to Make Time for Public Speaking as an Entrepreneur

How to make time for public speaking

"I'm too busy!"

I can't tell you how often someone tells me, "I'm too busy to pursue speaking." Do you know what my immediate response is? "How bad do you want it?" If you want to add speaking to your growing business, it is absolutely possible for you. Will you make it happen? Well... that's completely up to you. In today's video, I'm going to give you three tips on how to Make Time Time for Public Speaking as a business owner. 

I get it, you're "busy"... the to-do list is never-ending and the unread number on your inbox number could easily be confused with this week's lotto jackpot. But before you tell me you "don't have time" to start speaking, let's take a look at what that REALLY means...


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THREE TIPS FOR Making time for speaking:

[1] Visualize Your End Goal. Let's be real: it's not always rainbows and sunshine. There will be tough days... and maybe even days so tough that you want to throw in the towel. Stay two steps ahead of the game by crafting your vision for the future. Visualize where you're going and the impact you'll have. THIS is what you'll focus on when times get tough--it will be your secret weapon to battle adversity. Need a little help crafting your vision? Check out: The Story You're Not Sharing Enough

[2] Take Something Off Your Place.  In order to say "YES" to something new, you have to say "No" to something else. Even if you've been resisting, it's time to take some things off of your plate. What can you eliminate, delegate or streamline to free up some time in your day? You can't do everything if you want to do anything well... so start saying "No" or at least "Not Right Now."

[3] Dedicate Consistent, Scheduled Time. 5 Minutes, 30 Minutes or an Hour a day can be game-changing-- It's consistency that makes all the difference. Rather than trying to squeeze your new venture into your day off, dedicate a set amount of time each day to working on your speaking. More importantly, schedule that time into your calendar and Make. It. Happen. 


I want to know: What does YOUR vision look like? How will speaking impact your life + business? What other lives will be impacted by your message? 


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