Three Steps to Book Your Next Speaking Gig

Three Steps to Book Your Next Speaking Gig


So you're 2017 goal is to start speaking but you have no idea where to begin. You can already picture yourself standing on the stage. You know what message you want to share and who you want to speak to. The problem lies in actually finding those opportunities. Today, I want to break down three steps that you should be taking right now in order to get yourself booked to speak.


Step one: identify your clients and connect

Event planners and conference organizers are looking for amazing speakers like you. Do them a favor and help them out. But let’s face the facts….event organizers are more likely to work with people they know, like and trust. Remember, these event planners are HUMAN. Yes, they’re everyday people who want to build relationships with the people they work with.


(1) Identify the people who actually book speakers for the event and reach out.

(2) Reach out to them and build a relationship. How can you support this person?


Step two: Seek Out Speaking Opportunities

There are more speaking opportunities available than you realize. Everyday, all around the world… live events are leveraging the power of public speaking to impact their audiences. But where do we find these events?! Here are three ways that you can find a speaking opportunity RIGHT NOW.


(1) Google Search:

Obvious, right? But if you’re simply searching “call for speaker” you’re missing the mark. What specific topics do you speak on? Who is your ideal audience? THAT is where you want your search to start.

For example: If you’re a seasoned graphic designer looking to speak to other designers, start your google search with things like, “graphic design conference, graphic design convention, graphic design organization.”

*Bonus tip: add your city or state to the search. Events close to home will help cut down your expenses. Plus, organizers love a “local” expert.


Search events related to your speaking niche.



(2) The Conference Connection:

Conference Connection is the entrepreneur's guide to conferences, retreats and workshops. If you’re a female business owner who feels like you’re never finding out about conferences or retreats until AFTER they’ve happened…. You’re going to love the Conference Connection. This website allows you to search for events by location, date, experience and more.


Search for events here:



(3) Word of Mouth:

If no one knows that you’re available to speak, why would they ask you to? Make sure that your friends and followers know WHAT you speak on and WHO you speak to. Get as specific as you can so it’s easy for them to refer opportunities to you.


Tell your audience what you speak on and who your ideal audience is.


Step Three: Get Referrals

Who knows the value of your presentations? Those who have experienced them in-person. Ask those who have attended your presentations to give you a referral.

For example: After my first EVER speaking event a local high school, I asked the principal to call another local principal and share his experience. The result? I received a call from the other school later that week ready to book a talk for their school.


Reach out to organizers (or attendees) of past speaking engagements. Ask them to refer you to (or connect you with) another speaking opportunity.

Unsure of what type of speaking engagements you need to be booking to support your business? Take our quiz by clicking the link below:




Jessica Rasdall is your secret weapon to achieving the speaking success you desire. As a professional speaker and coach for female entrepreneurs, she is dedicated to partnering with women business owner to craft stories and presentation that connect with their audience and help them stand out in a saturated market. 

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