Ep 76: How to Find Speakers for Your Event

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When it comes to hosting your own summit I know how busy you can get coordinating all the details, figuring out your marketing and planning how you're going to get this in front of your audience. When you’re dealing with everything aforementioned, It can be a little overwhelming to think about where you actually find good speakers to help you facilitate your dream speaker line up. Today we're teaching you exactly how to find speakers for your next event and how to get them to say yes! Whether you are looking for a collaboration opportunity, you're hosting an online summit, planning an intimate retreat or a major conference, you’ll want to tune into this episode! 

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • You need to narrow your search for the right speakers by asking the following questions

    • Who is the target audience for the event?

    • Why does this audience want to come to the event?

    • What is the audience looking to achieve?

    • What difference will your event make for them?

    • What kind of transformation are you looking to create for your audience?

  • By going through these questions, you're going to start to realize that there are probably some very specific topics that need to be covered at your event and by determining those specific topics first, it'll be a lot easier to find a speaker who is going to serve and present on that topic well.

  • Check out the free workbook (link below) covering the exact questions that I will go through with an organizer when we're trying to help them curate a lineup

  • Ask your audience what they want to learn and who they want to learn it from

    • Educator or motivational speaker? Or mix of both

    • Poll your Instagram audience

  • What I DONT want you to do

    • Pick speakers who you haven’t seen speak regardless if they’ve been on other lineups

    • Pick a popular influencer who has no speaking experience

    • Ask your friends who have never spoken

  • Sit down and ask what speaking topics need to be covered and determine who the first person that comes to mind when I think about this topic

    • Don't stop with one speaker! Create a list for each topic because they all may not be available or good fits upon further examination

  • Look for speakers who are investing in developing their speaking skills

    • We offer a lineup for those who are looking for speakers. Click the link below!

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