EP 35: Managing Speaker Expectations (ft. Tara Melvin)


Managing expectations can be quite daunting, especially in the world of speaking! Whether you are a conference host, a speaker, or a conference attendee, how well you understand what is to come and what is expected of you will determine the experience you have. When it comes to expectations, I've learned that some of the biggest struggles stem back to lack of communication. My friend, Tara Melvin is the queen of cultivating communication and managing expectations. She is a speaker, event planner, and conference host. And through all of those facets one thing that I have seen her do so well is really set that open communication and clear expectations from the start. She has so much to share in this episode. I know you will enjoy it!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Think through all the logistics of an event; from a planner’s perspective to an attendees experience. This will help you understand what is expected of the event.

  • Understand the value that you bring to the table so that when clients come to you, they know why they're investing you.

  • How far in advance event planners will select speakers and what a speaker package typically offers (and if one is not offered, questions you can ask as you prepare your own package).

  • Why delivering the same presentation over and over again may NOT be the best option.

  • Your job as the speaker is to serve the host AND the audience. Because the host is the one putting the event on for the audience and you want this to be a partnership between all of you to make it a great experience.

  • Things to avoid as a speaker so that you present yourself well to the event host.

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