EP 20: Building an Irresistible Conference Community (ft. Kat Schmoyer)


Are you wanting to speak at creative conferences, but need a little more insight as to what conference organizers are looking for? If you said yes, then this is a great episode for you! It’s also  a great episode for those who are planning on hosting your own events or conferences. So whether you're thinking about attending a conference as an attendee or as a speaker or you are thinking about hosting your own event, this episode is going to have some great takeaways for you!

We're chatting with my dear friend, Kat Schmoyer, lead organizer behind the Creative at Heart Conference. She is sharing her wisdom on the evolution of her conference and the lessons she has learned over the years when it comes to building an irresistible conference community. Kat is going on her eighth year of planning the Creative at Heart Conference, and she is ready to share everything; from the good to the bad, to the ugly things you may want to avoid and things you definitely should do, as well as how she selects her speakers.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • There is so much value in cultivating a creative community where we can all be together learning from each other.

  • Keeping your first event more intimate with a small number of guests will be the perfect trial run for you and will help cultivate a community of creatives that keep coming back each event wanting more.

  • Your speaker lineup will make or break your registration. This will also build brand awareness and draw attendees to the event with content that matters to them.

  • The speakers you select should enhance your brand and your brand should enhance their platform. It is a mutual respect and support to one another’s business.

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