EP 18: Hosting And Curating Intimate Retreats (ft. Bonnie Bakhtiari)


We have a lot about big conferences on the podcast, but today I want to chat about intimate retreats. If you are somebody who has been attending larger conferences and you're feeling like maybe it's just not the best fit for you, maybe you're craving something a little more hands on and a little more intimate, we're digging into that today! Bonnie Bakhtiari of B is for Bonnie Design is bringing a great perspective to the table because she is the host of the Illume retreat, which is intimate restful retreat for creatives who strive to build businesses that operate from a clear place of purpose.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Understand the difference between large conferences and intimate retreats.

  • When planning to attend or host your own event, determine which environment is going to be a better fit.

  • When it comes to selecting speakers: set goals for your content/curriculum, identify the topics that compliment this content, and invite speakers who can deliver trainings based on this content.

  • Be sure to select speakers who are going to help create the environment you want for your attendees. This is super important!

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