EP 08 - Hosting Your First Conference (ft. Lucretia Williams)


Are you somebody who's thinking about hosting your very first conference, workshop or maybe even a half day intensive? Then this episode is for you! Experienced conference-host, Lucretia Williams, is here to share tons of golden nuggets for us around hosting your first conference.

Lucretia Williams is the owner of the Distinct Event Planning, a wedding/event planning and design firm in Columbus, Ohio. She is also the founder of The Empowered Planners Society, which is an educational platform for creatives to learn everything about the event industry.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • As a creative community, we can all work together and help one another grow. We are more powerful that way!

  • The foundation to conference planning is educational resources about hosting a conference and connecting with other conference hosts to learn from them.

  • When picking your speakers, you have to think about your audience first.

  • As the host, pouring into your speakers encourages your speakers to pour into your attendees, even beyond the platform.  

  • It’s so important to share the whole vision around your conference. Not just where you have been and where you are now, but also what is to come.

  • As the host, put yourself in a position where your team can handle it without you.  

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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