EP 09: Before You Say Yes - Things to Consider When You're Asked to Speak


When somebody asks us to be a part of something, we are so honored and excited and cannot believe they chose us! And in that moment, the only answer that wants to come out of our mouth is yes. However, we need to slow down, ask some questions, do a little math, and make a wise decision before we hit that email with capital letters, YES, and a million exclamation points. Making decisions based on emotion is not going to help us move our needle forward. It's not helping us to best serve our audience and to really improve our speaking strategy. So let’s dive into the things you should consider when you are asked to speak!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • You are not going to be the best fit speaker for every event and every event is not going to be the best fit for you when you're first getting started.

  • When you're first getting started, it's really important to choose speaking topics that really position you as the expert in your zone of genius.

  • When it comes to unpaid speaking events, it is important that you weigh out the personal financial factors as well as the time it requires (in preparing for the event as well as being away for the event). And set a budget for yourself!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Have a free speaking opportunity coming up? Don’t worry! We’ve created a worksheet to help you weigh your options. Download the worksheet: 23 Questions to Ask BEFORE You Speak for Free to make sure that unpaid speaking opportunity is a good fit for you by dropping your info below. There are more than enough opportunities for you to speak. Just make sure that you’re speaking at events that light you up, serve your clients, and move your business forward.

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