EP 10 - From Writing to Speaking - How to Make Speaking Work With Your Business (ft. Ashlyn Carter)

Ashlyn Carter on The Creative Speaker Podcast | How to make Speaking Working with Your Business

So you’re a great writer who has no fear putting your words on paper, but are terrified to take those words to the stage. No matter how good you are at your craft, there can be something really intimidating about stepping into that educator role, jumping onto a stage and teaching others how to do what you do. In this episode, we are really getting into how to go from writing to speaking. Ashlyn and I also have an honest conversation about knowing when speaking opportunities are not a good fit for you. There is a lot to unpack in this episode, but I promise you - it’s full of GOOD stuff!

Ashlyn Carter is an incredibly talented calligrapher, amazing copywriter + the founder of Ashlyn Writes. From writing wedding invitations for brides to helping creative entrepreneurs sell with their words, she loves to help people tell their stories.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Speaking should fit into your business. It shouldn’t add something else to your already full plate.

  • When it comes to speaking, allow it to be a conversation with your audience; not a memorized five-page presentation.

  • If you want to know something really well, teach it.

  • Before you jump on the stage and try to teach what your service is, how you can teach it from where you are, right now?

  • When sharing your personal story with an audience, share your scars not your wounds.

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