01: What's Your Path? Creative Speaking Tiers


Speaking is not one size fits all. I want speaking to be something that works for you and your business, not something that is extra on your plate or a distraction from the things that are really important in your life. It is really important to figure out what fits you best. I have found that there are 3 tiers when it comes to speaking as a creative business owner. And it can be difficult to determine what is important and what is not important in each tier. But I am here to help you with that! Let’s dive into the first episode and learn about these 3 tiers!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Evaluating why you want to speak will help determine your direct speaking path.

  • Speaking looks different for everyone and is determined by the tier of speaking they fall under.

  • Since speaking is not one size fits all, each speaker revenue will look different.

  • Once you figure out what tier you fall under, you can figure out what you need to focus on most in order to take action in growing as a speaker.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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