Ep 00 - Welcome to The Creative Speaker Podcast

Welcome to The Creative Speaker Podcast | Jessica Rasdall

Welcome to The Creative Speaker Podcast! My name is Jessica Rasdall and I never imagined I would be a speaker. It was something that I had to learn as my story reached the public eye (Don’t worry there is an entire episode coming that will focus on my story!) My hope is that through this podcast, you will find inspiration and actionable education to help you grow as a speaker.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • What you can expect on The Creative Speaker Podcast.

  • The 3 different types of episodes you will hear.

  • How Jessica’s story pushed her towards becoming a creative speaker.

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Hi creatives! In case you don't want to listen to the episode or prefer to read through it, I have transcribed it for you below. Enjoy! 

Welcome to the Creative Speaker Podcast. A behind the scenes look at how speaking can elevate your creative business. I'm your host, Jessica Rasdall, and I'll be serving up expert interviews, actionable education, and inspiration to help you leverage speaking as a creative business owner. Whether you're getting ready to take the stage for the first time or you're planning to host your own events, the Creative Speaker Podcast breaks down the barriers between organizers, speakers and attendees, to elevate education in our industry, and raise the bar for live events.

Well, hello there, creatives. I am so excited to have you here for the very first episode of the Creative Speaker Podcast. Y'all, this isn't going to be so much fun! If we haven't met yet, my name is Jessica Rasdall and I am the host behind this podcast and I am so excited to dig into this with you.

I'm a motivational speaker, a bestselling author and a public speaking strategist for creatives.  So I partner with small business owners to help them connect with and serve their clients from the stage so that they can make meaningful connections and powerful conversions. Today I want to share with you a little bit about what you can expect moving forward with the podcast, why these conversations that we're going to be having are so important and how I plan to serve you through this platform. Because at the end of the day, that's what the speaking journey is all about and this podcast is just an extension of the message we share from the stage. I started my own speaking journey back in 2006, and that journey was not an intentional one. I did not set a goal to become a speaker and set out on this journey for me. My speaking journey started as a way of survival.

It was simply the thing that was getting me through the hardest moment of my life. I won't go too far into that today because, I promise friend, there is an entire episode dedicated to that journey and that evolution as a speaker ... and it's coming up in just a few weeks! But today we're going to skip through that part and fast track to today. Over the last decade, that unintentional speaking journey has allowed me to serve tens of thousands of people all across the country at different venues from high schools, youth groups, businesses, conferences or US Navy. You name it! And on that journey I have learned so much from my audience and from my success and failures. Through this podcast I really want to help you shorten that learning curve, take these things that I've learned and package them up for you to fast track your own success.

When I started building my the first pillar of my coaching practice, I was really focused on helping creatives share their stories. I had become really good at packaging up and sharing the difficult parts of my life; the parts that I didn't necessarily want to talk about, but I knew I had to talk about. You know those difficult moments, have some of the most powerful lessons in them and we don't often want to share it because of shame or embarrassment or just that we don't want to relive those moments. But those lessons can be a life changer or life saver for others. Those little parts that we don't want to share could be the catalyst for somebody else; the catalyst that helps them make a change or take a step or transform their life. So who are we not to share those moments as they started working with creatives to really take ownership of those stories and share them bravely.

I was asked to speak at my first Creative Conference. And at this point I had spoken to tens of thousands of people. I'd spoken in every different venue I could think of, but I had not spoken at a Creative Conference, so I didn't really know what to expect. I reached out to the organizer before the event and asked her, would it be possible if I lead a small virtual training for the speakers. I just want to help them understand a really great way to structure their presentations to make sure that we're all serving the audience to the best of our ability and really carrying out your vision for this event. A part of me just knew that I had this experience that maybe they didn't have and I wanted to give back and another part of me selfishly just wanted the event to be very high value since I would be attending it and I wanted to learn a lot. So I hosted a free virtual training for all the speakers to walk through what would be really important for us to include in our presentations. What was the vision of this organizer and how could we help facilitate that? What were some things that we should be certain we were doing and not doing at the event.

I attended the event. It was incredible. It was beautiful. Everybody was wonderful. But something interesting happened in the hallway; those conversations with the attendees and hearing that when I asked about their feedback and what they were experiencing and how they were liking the event, everybody was blown away at the amount of value they were getting from the event. That they weren't expecting to learn as much as they had in. This shook me. Attendees were investing over $2,000 to attend this event, but they weren't planning to really learn anything. Nobody saw that as a problem, because I certainly did.

Up until this point, I started to realize that a lot of creatives were attending events for the networking aspect, which was important and the education had become secondary. And that didn't seem right. We were leading with this concept of in-person education, but the education was lacking. So what could I do? I decided to switch gears a bit and focus less on the story and more on the speaking. And I am so in love with the work I do today. Partnering with Creatives to craft powerful presentations and speaking strategies that allow us to serve from the stage. Because the reality is, you have so much knowledge to share. You're probably pouring it out on blog posts, online courses, Facebook lives, maybe you have a podcast. But transitioning that to the stage that might be a blind spot for you. So I'm stepping in, as your friend, to shed some light on that blind spot and help you make a meaningful connection with your audience. So moving forward with the Creative Speaker Podcast, here's what you can expect. We're going to have three different types of episodes and I hope you love them each equally.

First off, we will have solo episodes, which will be me pouring out education to help you learn and grow and stretch you to the point of being the best creative speaker you can be. Then we're going to have speaker interviews. These are interviews with industry experts who have seen great success with speaking and they're going to share with you their journey, what they've learned along the way and how speaking has really impacted their business. I think it's so important for us to see the journey of others, the journey that we're starting to creep down so that we can see that light at the end of the tunnel. If you've read my book "Shattered" at all, you know that what was really important for me, on my own speaking journey, is having a mentor who had made out the other side and I could see the success he was achieving and it made me want it that much more.  So I hope that by sharing the journey of other speakers, I can help create that light at the end of the tunnel for you. The third type of episode that we'll be having is really our decision maker and our view. This is to help you get a behind the scenes look at what conference organizers, event planners and other decision makers are looking for when they're selecting speakers. What kind of questions are they asking? What do those applications look like? What are the things that they're considering when they're selecting the speakers for their next event? I want you to know exactly what's going through their mind so you know how to best serve them. Speaking as a creative doesn't have to be a mystery and I want to give you all the tools to succeed. So I hope that you will join us each and every week, twice a week, to dig into these episodes and apply it to your own business.

I know that you have so much value to share and I want to help you do it the best way possible, and as you're listening to the podcast, if you have any specific questions or there's somebody that you would love for me to interview, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Just hop on over to the CreativeSpeakerPodcast.com and let us know how we can best serve you. I really want this to be a collaborative experience that serves you to the best of my ability. So just let me know what you need and I'm going to deliver it right here on the podcast. If you're loving the episodes, I would so very much appreciate you hopping over to iTunes and giving us a five star review in sharing a little love! That really helps us keep going and know that you are liking what we're dishing out. Until next time, keep rocking it friends, I am so excited to be on this journey with you!