Ep 75: The Missing Link to Your Conversions (ft. Jess Jordana)

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I am so excited that you're here and I know that you've been working really hard to grow your business with speaking. What about those times when you feel like you've poured into your presentation, had a strong delivery and still didn’t convert the way you wanted? If this sounds like you, there's a good possibility that the missing piece is the lack of a connection you’re establishing with your audience. I've brought in an amazing brand messaging strategist and fellow “Jessica” to teach us about getting in your audience's head so you’ll deliver a message that will truly resonate with them and they won’t forget.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Conversion is moving somebody to action with your message

    • There are steps to get to this point

    • There is no “easy” button to get someone to take action based on your message. You must establish a connection with them 

  • The Harvard Business Review actually says that highly connected clients and customers are 52% more valuable on average than the highly satisfied client or customers

    • If your audience doesn’t feel connected to you and your brand, then they're not going to come back and they're not going to tell their friends.

  • Rather than immediately addressing someone’s problems and offering solutions, you have to encourage and connect with them by showing them what they’ve achieved so far in a good light so they don’t feel…. 

    • like you’re discounting all the hard work they have put in up until this point

    • like you’re throwing their problems right into their face

  • Next you have to show them what is possible on the other side of their obstacles

  • The last step in the process is conversion. This is where you offer to give them all of the tools they need to overcome their obstacles and achieve their desired results

    • People get tripped up here because they finish talking about the possible results without telling somebody specifically and boldly how to get there because they don’t want to come off “salesy”

    • It's really annoying to see something that you want, but don't know how to get. Make your solution and offer clear at this point. Don’t be afraid to make the ask after you’ve laid all this groundwork 

  • This process/technique can be applied to everything from your sales/landing page to your “about me” page on your website

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