When Should You Start Speaking?

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You attend creative conferences, stare up at that stage, and can’t wait until your moment on it. And you’ve been in business awhile and absolutely know your stuff.

But are you ready for the spotlight?

Is your business “ready enough” to take the stage?

I got a question around this recently, and it brought up something very specific that I found interesting. So interesting, even, that I just had to give it the #JustAskJess treatment!

A female entrepreneur came to me recently and asked, “how do I know when it’s ‘time’ to start speaking? Is there a certain amount of money that my business needs to be making?”

And I’d never gotten that question in a way that incorporates money, so that stood out to me.

I totally get it!

We’re in an age where we’re bombarded with “$100k this” and “six-figure” that, so we can feel a lot of pressure to set that as some benchmark of business success.

But even hitting that goal doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to speak.

A business owner could be making six figures and not be ready to headline the conference circuit. Or, you could be ready to take the stage long before you’ve hit that milestone.

Because speaking and sharing your message is not about money.

There are two other factors that are more important to consider when deciding whether or not to pitch yourself to your favorite creative conference.

Watch my latest episode of #JustAskJess to find out what they are, and if you’re ready to take the stage:

Do you think you’re ready to start speaking based on that? Share below with any other questions you have about speaking to have them featured on video!

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