Why Your Speaker Pitch Isn't Working (Part 2)


You spent hours toiling away at your pitch to speak at your favorite conference.

You brainstormed a ton of topics, had your mastermind help you pick the best one, and your biz bestie looked over your pitch before you sent it in.

It was amazing! Your positioning is on-point, it’s so professional-sounding, and you look like an incredible expert in your industry.

You’re so excited that, thanks to this brilliant pitch, this will be the year you get chosen to speak at your favorite event.

But your hourly inbox checks (okay, make that twice an hour…) keep turning up crickets, and then...it happens.

You log into Instagram, start browsing through your feed, and your suspicions are confirmed. The speaker lineup has been announced and you, my friend, are not on it.

Sadly, you’ll be spending another year as an attendee dreaming of taking the stage.

What went wrong? Why doesn’t the conference organizer see what you have to offer?

Girlfriend, I get it.

But this pitch isn’t about you at ALL.

Let’s talk about who your pitch is really about, why your expert pitch didn’t get you picked as a speaker, and some questions that can help you write a value-driven pitch:

Still not sure how to craft that perfect pitch for the next creative conference you want to speak at? I’ve got you covered!

Schedule a Speaker Strategy Session with me and we can work together to craft a perfect pitch that’s value-centered, not you-centered.


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