The Speaker Circle

Group coaching EXPERIENCE

You want to make this your breakthrough year.

You’re ready to increase your visibility and position yourself as THE authority on your area of expertise. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into building your business and you’ve learned a thing or two along the way. It’s time to serve your people in a bigger way and share your message with the masses.

Let me help you lead from the stage, friend.

After working with some of the best speakers in our industry and hand-crafting over 80 presentations, I know a thing or two about maximizing your impact through speaking. You’ve worked your butt off to build a sustainable brand and it’s time to let speaking do the heavy lifting for you.

I’m about to become your secret weapon for speaking like a pro, so you increase your influence and convert with confidence.


We’re re-opening the doors to our intimate, education-based group coaching program for small business owners who are ready to serve from the stage.

Over the span of three months, I’ll teach you the ins-and-outs of adding speaking to your business and help you IMPLEMENT it all in the process. This group coaching program is a blend of live-taught educational lessons paired with group coaching sessions to help you dig deep and implement what you’ve learned. And don’t you worry, friend. You’ll be equipped with all of the tools, resources, and swipe copy galore to help you shorten your timeline to success.

We’ll meet as a group via video chat to dive into educational content and breakthrough anything standing between you and success.

You’ll also receive 1:1 COACHING CALLS WITH ME (Jessica) to get my eyes on your work and deliver feedback in real-time.

Topics to be covered:

  • Your Speaker Brand & Messaging: Creating Your Roadmap

  • The 3 T's: Topics, Titles, Takeaways -  Presentation Overviews & Pitches

  • Your Speaker Toolbox: Building Your Marketing Materials that Stand Out

  • Securing Your Expert Status: Identifying & booking credibility building opportunities

  • Events & Finances: Identifying Speaking Opportunities & Navigating Negotiations 

  • Signature Talks - Crafting Your Keynotes Like a Pro

  • Speaker Sales Funnels - Converting from the Stage

The best part? We’re topping off the program with a hands on, in-person workshop experience in sunny Florida.

The in-person experience - EARLY 2020 in Apollo Beach, FL

We’ll dive deep together in person while we learn to craft our talks like the pros, perfect our conversion strategies, and support one another in the process. Two full days packed with content, implementation and MY HANDS on your presentation. Just imagine presenting in front of your own person speaking coach who can help you make adjustments in real time.… it’s pure magic, friend!

What can I expect at the live workshop experience?

  • Hands-on sessions for IMPLEMENTATION so that you can move the needle in your business

  • Presentation delivery sessions so that you can get feedback in real-time and customize your talk to create the biggest impact

  • Photos of you presenting in front of our group that you can use in your speaker marketing materials

  • Dive-deep mastermind sessions to bust through anything getting in your way

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks included daily (plus #allthecoffee to keep you fueled up) because a hungry speaker is a rough speaker!

  • Evening Mastermind Happy Hour to decompress from your hard work, connect with your peers, and debrief everything you’ve learned

*The cost of the workshop (breakfast, lunch, & happy hour treats) is included with your group coaching investment. You’ll just need to make hotel and travel arrangements on your own. We’ve secured a hotel block at the waterfront venue with a group discount rate!

Photos by Christina Jones

what kind of results can you expect?

Your speaking success is a direct reflection of your willingness to do the work. Although I can not guarantee your unique results, I can share guarantee this: If you’re willing to show up and put in the work, I will be all-in right along side of you to lead the way and help you serve from the stage.

Round 1 Speaker Circle Members:

  • Gained clarity on the bigger impact their business will make in their industry and how to diversify their offerings.

  • Moved from only offering 1:1 services to creating passive products that can be sold from the stage.

  • Busted through their fears and limiting beliefs to focus on the impact they can make for their audience.

  • Featured on podcasts, online summits, and virtual publications for industry experts.

  • Built out an entire speaker sales funnel that is converting in-person and online.

  • Created their signature presentations to be used time and time again.

  • Collectively booked over over 10 speaking engagements and/or virtual presentations.

  • Secured their “dream” speaking engagements alongside industry celebrities.

  • Built and published a professional webpage to highlight their speaking experience.

  • Planned and hosted their own in-person event.

  • Built a branded slide-deck to pair with their presentations.

  • Learned how to reserve engineer their work so that they can move from service provider to educator.

  • Booked their first PAID speaking engagement.


“I must say that the Jessicas's Speaker Circle was one of the best things I've ever done for my business!!!  I've been in business  since 2008, and truly, nothing has shaped my business like working with Jessica.  The content was amazing and the support throughout our implementation was top notch.  Jessica created an environment for community, collaboration, and ideation.  Our cohort members ran with her ideas, cheered one another on, and ultimately had a once in a lifetime experience for our in-person deep dive weekend.  The relationships that grew out of our time together are irreplaceable and like no other.  We are all finding ways to collaborate in our businesses, we send each other ideas, and we are a sounding board for future projects.  In our creative business world, that is hard to come by.  With Jessica's knowledge and leadership, we are all on a path for huge growth, both personally and professionally.” - Corry Frazier, Corry Frazier Photography

“I have felt such a shift that has happened with me and such a change that has happened in me. … what Jessica provided was truly unforgettable. I could not be more grateful for this wonderful woman and the group of women that I got to work with. …

Speaking is something that I had wanted to add to my business for so long, it’s something that has been on my heart for years, but I didn’t really have the confidence in myself. I felt like an imposter, I felt like a fraud.

But being apart of the Speaker Circle was one of the most incredible experiences because she teaches you what to do, she teaches you the ‘how’ … but what happened for me is she grew my confidence. I was more confident in the fact that this is what I’m meant to do. She helped lift me up and raise me up in such a way that I felt like I could do this. …

She helped me embrace this thing that was already in myself and to speak it out loud with confidence. … I feel really confident about who I am, how I show up in the world, and what it is I need to talk about. I cannot even tell you how grateful I am. …

I hope that if you are sitting on the fence wondering if you should join the Speaker Circle or not, that you just do it. … If you have it in your heart that you want to speak, that you want to add this to your business, then don’t even hesitate, just say YES!”

-Brianne, Brightly & Co. and Host of the Brave Fear Retreat

"Finding Jess and being a part of her Speaking Circle Mastermind, was a huge and significant pivot for me and for my business.  I knew that the next step in my editing business would be to start speaking to photographers all about outsourcing their editing, however, I had no clue how to go about doing this the right way.  I had such an important message to share and I knew it would help so many other photographers, but delivering that message takes skill and I needed Jess's help.  I needed someone who would help mentor me and guide me to craft my signature talks and teach me the ins and outs of pitching to the right conferences and podcasts. 

Thanks to Jess and her Mastermind I now have my signature talk, have been working on other signature talks, and have been able to pitch with confidence to large conferences.  Since completing the mastermind, I am now speaking at several workshops, podcasts, and large conferences and I couldn't have done this without her!  I am also so grateful for her careful curation of women that were in our mastermind group.  We all bonded quickly and are still cheering each other on even after our mastermind is over.  I feel like I left the group with a new band of sisterhood, which is priceless!  This was one of the best business decisions I've made!"  ~Janelle Joy, Janelle Joy 


This is an intimate experience with limited seats.

It’s important to me that you feel confident in sharing about your business and masterminding with our group. For that reason, enrollment is via application only. This allows us to curate the perfect mix of entrepreneurs without fear of overlapping content or direct competition.

>> Let me say that again: THIS GROUP IS HAND CURATED <<

Maintaining the integrity of every presentation I take part in crafting is incredibly important to me. I never want to question where a piece of content (or bullet point in a presentation) came from. To ensure everyone in the group program feels confident in sharing their presentation without hesitation, I hand select each participant to guarantee there is no overlap of business types and/or speaking topics.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a copywriter who is selected to be a member of the program, you will be the ONLY copywriter in the program. This also means that as soon as a seat is filled for a particular topic, we no longer accept applications on that subject matter. If you’re considering joining the program, I can’t urge you enough to submit your application today to save your save on your subject matter.

You have an important message to share with the world and I’m going to help you maximize the impact of your message.


Want to join the waitlist for our 2020 Speaker Circle? Apply here >>

THANK YOU for applying. We’ll be accepting group members on a first come, first serve basis. Please note: Our groups are hand selected to have a mix of business owners who’s speaking topics do not overlap. Please allow 48-72 business hours for a response.
Questions? Please email


Is this best for a product or service-based business?

This program has been designed for service based businesses and/or content creators who want to leverage speaking as a marketing powerhouse for their business. If you want to get in front of potential clients/students, serve them from the stage, and move them back into your business - This. Is. For. You.

Our last round included: An Attorney, Photographer, Copywriter, Private Editor, Market Researcher, and a Business Coach

Is this a course or a coaching program?

This is an education-based group coaching program that feels more like a mastermind-group coaching hybrid. What does that mean? I’ll be teaching you the content (live) so there’s no self-paced modules to go through. But don’t you worry, all calls will be recorded in case you can’t make one. Additionally, you’ll be given homework so you can implement it into your business and I’ll be there to coach you through the process and make sure it fits with your unique business model.

I’m going to teach you, help you implement it, hold you accountable, and coach you through the blocks. The best part? You’ll have a community to support you through the entire process and link arms with you on the journey. You’ve got a coach AND a community in your corner.

Is the workshop included in my investment or is it an add-on?

Yesssssss! Your entire coaching program, call recordings, swipe files, project boards, and templates are included. Additionally, you’ll receive complimentary admission to an intimate in-person workshop experience in sunny Florida. The workshop will include materials, educational sessions, presentation delivery & real-time feedback, photos, daily breakfast, lunch, and happy hour mastermind sessions.

To make booking your travel arrangements as easy as possible, we’ve reserved a hotel block at our waterfront venue in Apollo Beach, Florida. You’ll be able to book your room with our special discount rate and/or split lodging with a fellow circle member.