EP 26: Slide decks - The Good, Bad and Ugly


Slide decks are important as you build your presentation, as they will compliment what you are speaking on. They can be created on various types of platforms, but should be cohesive with your branding style and social media platforms. You want your audience to experience who you are even in your slide decks! So, what are slide decks? How can you use them to benefit your presentation? What are some best practices for creating slide decks? If you are asking one or all of these questions, I got you ... because this episode will help guide you in creating slide decks for your presentation!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Your slide deck should be complementary to your presentation. It is not the backbone of your presentation.

  • It is crucial that you write, edit and finalize your presentation before you start working on your slides.

  • Your slides should be supplemental to your presentation with the least amount of words possible, highlighting and complimenting what you are speaking about.

  • Make sure that you don’t just have one awesome slide. Rather, let’s build an entire cohesive, engaging and exciting slide show.

  • It is important that your slide decks match your branding. This will ensure that the audience receives the same experience they had when they heard you speak as they visit your website and social platforms.

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