Ep 60: How to Find Your Niche as a Speaker

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Welcome back!! This episode is going to be perfect if you’re just getting started in your speaking journey. As you’re searching for speaking opportunities, you may find that there are so many it can be overwhelming. If you aren’t exactly sure which opportunities and topics you should focus on, you’re tuning into the right episode! I am so excited that you're here because today we're going to figure out exactly what your speaking niche is. This is going to help give you the focus you need to get clear on the speaking goals you’re trying to achieve.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • It’s important to determine what your speaking niche is to nail your zone of genius

    • What do you want your audience to recognize you as the go-to expert for? Stay in your lane about this!

      • This results in higher referral rates & more income speaking requests

  • Get really good at what you do….then rinse and repeat that

  • You’ll spend less time pitching yourself for events because you’ll already be known as the expert in your niche

  • This is also really important for marketing and targeting purposes

    • You want your website and content to speak to someone very specific

  • Step 1 of determining your niche is getting very clear on why you want to speak in the first place

    • What do you want it to do for your business?

    • What do you seek to accomplish?

    • What is your ultimate goal with your message?

  • Step 2 is determining who you really want to talk to

    • Who specifically have you been called to serve?

    • The more specific you can get about this the more targeted you can get with your marketing

  • Step 3 is determining the topics and align with your goals and support your audience

  • figure out your speaker sweet spot where your experience, your expertise and your audience's interest intersect

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