Ep 63: Speaking for Your Personality Type (ft. Brit Kolo)

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Welcome back to the Creative Speaker Podcast! The idea of speaking doesn't feel the same for all of us. Some of you might be listening and ready to jump up on that stage and serve your people. Others might be listening and starting to tremble a little bit at the idea of being on stage. Maybe the thought of speaking sounds foreign and you feel like you aren’t made for the stage. Today I've brought in my friend Brit Kolo, to dive into your Myers Brigg personality type in order to determine the type of marketing strategy that best suits you. 

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • It's easy to get overwhelmed with all of the marketing options that entrepreneurs have

  • If your marketing is not genuine it comes off fake, salesy and awkward and wont work

  • If you feel good, your audience feels good. They feed off your energy

    • your marketing strategy shouldn't feel like a “too tight for you” bathing suit

  • Irregardless of your personality type, some people just need to get really clear on their “why” to tap into the best way to deliver their marketing content.

  • Members of the “Analyst” tribe simply need to have a clear strategy to any marketing style they want to pursue.

  • If you’re in the “Diplomat” tribe, your “why” matters most to you and if you’re passionate about it, you’ll do whatever it takes to deliver your message.

  • If you’re in the “Sentinel” tribe, the organization of your marketing strategy is what drives you to execute it.

  • If you’re in the “Explorer” tribe, you simply need to take action (organization and strategy isn’t as important). They learn best through failing a few times. They don’t want an exact science. Just some guard rails.

  • Sentinel’s tribe members tend to make great event organizers!

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