Ep 80: Start Speaking with Online Summits (ft. Eden Fried)

Start Speaking with Online Summits

Today we are diving into speaking at online summits. I'm sure you've been hearing about them because it feels like they are popping up everywhere! If you’d like to get an understanding about how you can benefit your business by speaking at or hosting one, tune in as we dive into this subject with my guest Eden Fried who is the host and founder of the Rebel Boss Virtual Summit. 

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • A virtual summit is a conference hosted exclusively online

    • Sometimes live, pre-recorded, published all at once, dripped out over time

  • A virtual summit has a huge amount of value kind of packed into a really short period of time that's extremely low cost or free to host

  • A really smart host will balance the big names with the smaller names 

    • If you're a smaller name, don't discredit yourself or that opportunity to speak at an online summit. As long as you are an expert in your space, you’re a qualified candidate

  • If you’re going to pitch an online summit host about speaking at their event, you should be prepared more than one possible topics that you’d be willing to speak on and why those topics would benefit the audience

  • Reassure the host that you’re willing to pull your weight in promoting the summit

  • When you’re running a summit, your main expense comes from whatever technology you’re hosting your summit on

  • As a speaker, you can make affiliate income by promoting lifetime access to the summits content (an upgrade) on top of the non-monetary exposure that you’re getting from others promoting the summit

    • Grow your network

    • Build your email list

    • Building your credibility and brand awareness

  • Successful speakers make several thousand dollars from online summits directly from trip wires (small-dollar offerings only available for a limited time). 

    • Super relevant, low cost with a high sense of urgency to the prospective buyer

    • You should always have something available to your audience after you give a presentation!

    • Turns leads into instant customers!

  • If you’re going to speak at an online summit, make sure you put a lot of effort into it! Make the most of the experience to capitalize on all the opportunities listed above! Build the landing page, promote it, have a tripwire offering etc!!

  • If you’re a tier 1 speaker, online summits are a great opportunity to build your speaker credibility!

    • Only speak in your zone of genius

  • Ask your audience (email list) if they tune into online summits

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Start Speaking with Online Summits

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