EP 12: Everything You Need to Know About Speaker Agreements (ft. Joey Vitale)


Today's episode is a little more meaty than usual! We're getting down to some technical, nitty-gritty details to help you make the most out of your speaker agreement. Maybe you're a speaker who's starting to get on the stage and you're worried about what to include in your speaker contract. Do you even need one? What's the point? Or maybe you're a host who's bringing speakers into serve at your event and your not sure what needs to be included in that paperwork. How do you protect yourself? How do we make sure that everyone is on the same page? I've brought on my dear friend Joey Vitale, who is an attorney specifically for creatives, so he understands our industry and he's also a speaker. He has A LOT of wisdom when it comes to speaker agreements! You are going to learn so much in this episode!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Speaker contracts are part of the foundational layer for your platform as a speaker because it creates a powerful layer of protection for you and your business.

  • Get clear on payment and benefit details within your contract. If you’re getting paid, what does that payment schedule look like? How do you accept payment? Is any non-refundable? Travel and accommodation covered?

  • It is important to include ALL the big and little details in your speaker contract. From technical needs, promotional expectations, presentation requirements, and everything in between. Cover every single detail!

  • Be sure to build consequences into your contract. What happens if things go south or sideways? Protect yourself!

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