EP 13: Dealing with Criticism When You're in the Spotlight


There will always be criticism. Always. No matter what you do. You can’t and won’t please everyone. You’re not supposed to. There are specific people that you have been called to serve and it’s your job to show up and serve them, not try to figure out how to tailor your message to appease others. As a speaker, you will face criticism for many things; your style of speaking, your presentation materials, your story, and more. When the criticism comes (and remember, it will!) it is up to you to decide what you do with it. There are times when criticism is valuable and there are times it needs disregarded. I am excited to talk through the differences with you in this episode!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • You have to force yourself to get comfortable with criticism because it will happen.

  • Negative feedback can be valuable because it is where we can learn to change things and do things differently. If everybody is stroking our ego and saying that things are phenomenal, don't change anything. We're never gonna grow. We're never going to improve. We're never going to evolve or innovate.

  • Whenever you're receiving criticism, take some time to consider if it is valid and if it was said with intent to hurt or harm. Is this something that I need to keep dig deeper into and analyze it, or is this something that I should just discard?

  • Once we’ve shifted our perspective about criticism, evaluated if it’s usual (or valid) information or not, now we’re left to decide what to actually do with that criticism.

  • Tips that may help you navigate extreme criticism and harassment.

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