EP 31: Overcoming Speaking Fears with Baby Steps (ft. Lindsay Lucas)


Are you someone who is really itching to step into your role as a leader or educator in the industry? Or are you someone who is wanting to start speaking or hosting events? What fears are holding you back? Most people are afraid because in their minds, they are thinking this is a big leap from A to Z. But I am here to shatter that thought and get you thinking from step A to B or maybe A to C. I've invited my dear friend Lindsey Lucas to join us for this episode she is an incredibly successful business owner who is terrified of speaking and we've been working together. She has her first big speaking engagement this year, but she has been doing so much work behind the scenes to start taking those steps to punch those speaking fears in the face. She has learned how to take baby steps instead of big leaps in her speaking journey and I am excited for her to share some practical advice with you as you overcome those same fears!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • How to know when it is time to take the steps to bring education into your business.

  • Focus more on what you have to offer to people than what people think about you.

  • The first step in every new stage is scary, but the more steps you take the better it gets!  

  • So many times we let opportunities pass by because we don't give just 30 seconds of courage to say yes. All you need is a brief glimpse of courage or even just to fake it in order to get you past that first step.

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