Ep. 42 Using the Stage for a Bigger Purpose | ft. Kendall Phillips

Using the Stage for a Bigger Purpose | ft. Kendall Phillips

Speaking can be much more than an educational platform. Today we’re taking a peek beyond the traditional educational benefits you can provide your customers/clients and are looking at how we can use our speaking platforms for a bigger purpose that serves something meaningful to us. Inspiring the masses is not only a good way of giving back, but it also is an effective way to grow your following, gain credibility and grow your business.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Inspiring the masses not only gives back to the community but also effectively grows your business. Creating awareness and being an advocate for those who are suffering or don’t usually have a voice creates trust and authenticity with your audience.  

  • There is something really powerful about being able to connect and share with your message with many vs one. The ripple effect from educating a room of people vs one is HUGE.

  • You can run a business that serves a bigger purpose and that speaks to what you’re really called to do and you can actually use the stage to extend your reach and impact more people.

  • Don’t be so quick to package speaking up into this tiny box with the single outcome being “education” when we should be realizing we all run different businesses, have different missions and are in different seasons of life.  

  • it can be really hard to let go of the work or the story that we used to tell in order to step into the work or story we’re telling now because we can feel like we’re letting go of it or turning our back on it

  • Your self-talk is so much more toxic than anything anyone would say to us

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