EP 23: Using Video As A Creative Speaker(ft. The Herrintons)


I have a love hate relationship with video, if I am being honest. It isn’t my personal strength, but I truly do believe that using video as a Creative Speaker makes us better speakers. And since film and video aren’t my forte, I brought in an amazing powerhouse duo to share their wisdom! Tyler and Ashley Herrinton are storytellers at their core and they love telling story through video. From filming weddings to promotional videos to filming conferences, they do it all. They are here to help us really understand how we, as Creative Speakers and business owners, can best leverage video, elevate education through video, and give us a great tech breakdown when it comes to filming.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Many people shy away from using video in their business because they believe they need to be an educator. However, you CAN share your knowledge without being an official educator!

  • To get yourself comfortable with speaking in video form, start low barrier. For example, use platforms Instagram Story or Facebook Live to watch yourself back and receive feedback from your audience.  

  • Video and film are great ways for event organizers to see how you are in a natural environment of speaking to an audience. So anything you share on the stage is going to be valuable in video format!

  • Set expectations appropriately for what you are trying to create it. Know that you are going to have to learn and grow in the process.

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