Ep 04 - Failing Forward & Servant Leadership (ft. Mary Marantz)


Have you ever had one of those gut wrenching moments in your life, in your business or on the stage where it felt like everything failed? All you could do was ask yourself, “What on earth do I do next and how do I pick up the pieces?” In today’s episode, I am chatting with my dear friend, Mary Marantz about that exact moment in her life and how she moved forward! Nothing was handed to Mary and she had to work hard for her her success! Through her struggles, she learned the value of servant leadership in the world of speaking.

Mary Marantz works alongside her husband, Justin, as international wedding photographers. They travel the globe to photograph weddings, as well as teach and inspire small business owners to really just bring their best selves to the table. Mary has spoken at several conferences and hosts her own as well.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • There will be times where you apply to speak somewhere and you don’t get picked. Do not consider this a failure.

  • Failure is not just falling on your face, it is falling on your face when the people you love most are watching.

  • When you see somebody who has built a successful business and is delivering powerful presentations, don’t forget that it didn't always start that way and it wasn't always pretty.

  • Theres no magic trick for success. It isn’t instant. You must want to put in the work, serve people without the recognition, and show up and roll up your sleeves & invest in what it takes to reach success.

  • You have to be willing to put yourself out there and if somebody gives you a chance; never dismiss it as too small.

  • Finding success in speaking means putting in the work, serving people without the recognition and showing up when you don’t always want to

  • Regardless of your current belief, you do have a story that can impact people as well as a purpose.

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