Ep 45: Make Your Business Run Like Clockwork (ft. Adrienne Dorison)

Ep 45: Make Your Business Run Like Clockwork with Adrienne Dorison

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to organize your business priorities in order to get time away for your family or a great business opportunity? On today's episode with Adrienne Dorison, we discuss how to set your business up to run (and even grow) on its own so that allocating time to the things most important in your life or business are more feasible.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • You should not have your laptop with you on the beach while you're on vacation

  • You want to minimize the pieces of your business that you're essential to

  • When building a company, you still have a responsibility to be able to serve both your clients and family

  • Building a support system that can fill in your gaps is really important to being able to run your business like clockwork

  • The first step of making your business run like clockwork is doing a time analysis and understanding where most of your time is currently being spent

  • Identify the one activity you perform that delivers the most value to your company and focus on getting everything else off of your plate

  • The first hire I usually recommend is an admin or executive assistant who can take some of the Minutiae off your plate.

  • Take the 30 min worth of task you're transferring to someone else and invest it back into your highest value activity

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