Ep 46: You Want to Speak in 2019 | How to Hit Your Goals

Ep 46: You Want to Speak in 2019 | How to Hit Your Goals

Welcome to our first episode of 2019! This is a time that many of us focus on setting our big goals for the new year. If incorporating speaking into your business is one of your goals, tune into today’s episode where we’re going to cover some keys to help you make your speaking goals meaningful as well as achieve those goals!

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Stop looking at everyone else’s goals and comparing them to your own

  • Set your goals rooted in what you really want, not what you think you should be achieving or what others are setting

  • In order to secure your spot on stage and start getting paid for sharing your time, knowledge and talents you need to build your speaker credibility

  • The first step to achieving your 2019 speaking goals is getting honed in on what your zone of genius is and committing to staying in your lane

  • The second step is to build your authority. Not just on your platform, but on others platforms as well. Highlight what matters and show that you’re in the trenches

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