Ep 47: How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Speaker Credibility (ft. Cassandra Thompson)

Ep 47: How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Speaker Credibility (ft. Cassandra Thompson)

Are you ready to add speaking to your creative business? In our last episode we talked about setting our 2019 goals and how importing upping our speaker credibility is when it comes to getting booked for speaking engagement. As a small business owner we often feel pressured to show up and create content on every platform, but for most of us LinkedIn falls to the bottom of that list. On today's episode, Cassandra shows us why LinkedIn is the perfect platform to fast track your speaking credibility.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • You need to show in the moment who you are! Not tomorrow

  • There is a much lower barrier of entry with LinkedIn than there is with other social media platforms like facebook/Instagram

  • Your headline and picture in your LinkedIn profile are really important because when a person searches in LinkedIn, the only thing that appears is a name/pic/headline

  • Your headline should include a description of what you do; not just your title

  • Your experience should include more than your company name. Include the bullets of what you actually have experience doing in that role

  • Your skills should include both hard and soft skills

  • LinkedIn works very much like the sixth degree of separation theory in regards to connecting with people

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