Ep 57: How to Use Pinterest to Book Speaking Engagements (ft. Vanessa Kynes)

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If you listen to my podcast, a goal of yours is probably delivering your message in front of the people you've been called to serve. In order to be able to step away from your business to do this, you need a business growth strategy that works without you being glued to your desk. Ideally, you need a method to extend your reach and bring in new clients/students for your business that operates on autopilot. To help you do that, I've brought in my friend Vanessa to walk through all the things you need to know about how to leverage Pinterest for your business in order to be a better business owner and create hot leads.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Think of pinterest as a visual discovery tool

    • You don’t go to pinterest to buy shoes, you go there to search for inspiration and find the perfect pair you might not have even thought existed

  • Keep a running document and take down frequently asked questions about your business. This is the content you should be creating your blog posts around

    • If you’re B2B, Focus on really broad/basic questions that allow you to be the subject matter expert on the topic your business is centered around

  • For success on pinterest, your content needs to remain fresh. Driving traffic to a landing page will end up getting buried and not take off

  • The type of visibility you want to get yourself recognized as the subject matter expert in your industry takes numbers. You can’t depend solely on one platform. Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms to increase these numbers

  • You should be pumping out 1 blog post a week with multiple pins to each post (at least 2)

    • This makes you look like the subject matter expert in your field

  • Tailwind is a great scheduler you can use to automate posts for instagram and pinterest

  • Ensure your pinterest account is set to a “business account”

  • Optimize your pinterest profile! It should contain at least 3 to 4 keywords Speaker that really identify with who you are and what you're trying to do and who you're trying to reach

  • Make your profile picture match the ones on your other platforms

  • You really need to get at least 10 different boards on your Pinterest platform to represent the categories of content you're creating

  • Make any pinterest boards that your content doesn’t fit into “Secret”

    • Only have boards on your profile that your content can fit into

  • When you're crafting that profile, you need to be centering the title of your boards around the keywords that people are going to be typing into the search bar

  • When you create content, make it something that can fit into 5 different boards rather than just 1

  • Complimentary boards are also effective. This would be a board that doesn’t contain your content specifically, but one that gives your fans/subscribers the type of inspiration that you would recommend or that appeals to you (the subject matter expert)

  • Before you make the investment to set up your pinterest and start pumping out content, you need to have clear “Customer Calls To Actions” set up. You need to have the journey that the client/customer is going to take so that the traffic you’re generating isn’t useless. In many B2B cases, this is an email list. You should have an “opt in” or offer to entice them to join

    • Contact me/book me page should be super convenient and easily found (upper right of page)  

    • On the “contact us” page, ask them how they heard about you

  • Share your Instagram content (squares) on your pinterest account.

    • Pinterest now allows you to claim your instagram, youtube and etsy account on your pinterest profile

  • If you really want to be speaking, I would really consider adding a video element either to Instagram stories or even to your blog posts that you're driving traffic from Pinterest to so that people can really begin to see your authority

  • Repurpose your content for different platforms because people are not listening from everywhere. This will reach a much larger audience

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Ep 57: How to Use Pinterest to Book Speaking Engagements (ft. Vanessa Kynes)

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