Ep 56: Is In-Person Speaker Coaching the Best Fit for You?

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Have you purchased online courses, but still aren’t where you'd like to be in business? Maybe you've blamed the teacher, the program and even yourself. Are you eager to learn and grow, but when you calculate the amount of money you've invested into courses over the years, it kind of makes you sick to your stomach? What if the reason you're not seeing the results you want isn't the fault of the teacher or the program or even yourself? What if it's just that this season of life, your unique business and the leap that you're trying to take require a different approach? In person speaker coaching is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business! It wasn’t until I hosted The Speaker Circle Group Program in January as well as the in person retreat in March that I had some time to reflect and see the fruits of my labor and come to this realization. Today we’re going to cover some of the incredible breakthroughs that were had and why this could be one of the single most important investments you make in your business.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • The most significant leaps and breakthroughs I’ve seen my clients have always come from 1 on 1 coaching or live events I was able to coach them through in person

  • The introvert in me feared hosting group events because I was scared I wouldn’t be able to navigate all the different energy and distribute mine equally, but I found that

    • I performed best when I have a clear and defined goal, regardless of how many people im serving

    • By hand curating the group and not selecting business owners who would be in direct competition with one another, it made the collaborative environment incredible. It was a safe place for everyone

    • By hand curating the event and keeping the group purposefully small, I was still able to get to know each client’s business on an intimate enough level to properly reverse engineer their message in a way that created a deep personal connection with their potential customers and converted!

  • Taking a leap in your business and doing something new is terrifying and we can often be consumed with the thoughts of, what if I fail? Who am I to do this? But when you link arms with others who are going through that exact same process for their own business and their own subject matter (who are not in direct competition with each other), magic happens!

  • We are so much better together! There's no better way to feel validated, get the feedback you need and make those adjustments in real time than having your coach and a group of peers that you trust right there with you

  • I have found that my secret sauce really lies in being able to be the mirror for my clients...Mastering being able to take their content/presentation/message/story and structure it in a way that develops that deep personal relationship with their target audience and most importantly, CONVERTS!

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Ep 56: Is In-Person Speaker Coaching the Best Fit for You?

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