EP 29: How To Use Instagram To Build Your Credibility As A Speaker (ft. Tyler McCall)


The world of Instagram is always changing and evolving. But it is in the favor of Creative Speakers! We just need to know how to use it to build our business, audience reach, and speaker credibility in the best way, which is why I have brought my friend, Tyler McCall on for this episode. Tyler is passionate about helping entrepreneurs use Instagram in a more intentional and genuine way so they can serve more people, make more money, and work less. He is a genius when it comes to Instagram social media marketing! He knows firsthand how his work behind the scenes and behind the screen of Instagram has really prepared him to be a better speaker. And I'm so excited for him to share all the things that we can be doing right now from our home, not on the stage, to really help us grow our speaking platform.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Speaking doesn’t just take place on a big conference stage; it also involves live streams, webinars, online summits, podcast interviews, and more.

  • Recognize that all the content you create online should fall into four main buckets. It needs to educate, entertain, inspire, or inform your audience.

  • You are never selling something to anyone. You are inviting them to make an investment in your business through the product or service you sell.

  • Protect yourself from the negativity of people on social media; those who don’t like you or don’t like what you have to offer. It's not worth your energy or effort. You want to make sure that your social media platforms are bringing in people who are going to take action on what you offer.

  • If you're going to be speaking at something, use your social media to connect with those audience members beforehand. Because now you know exactly how to show up and serve them best!

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