EP 16: How To Use YouTube To Book Speaking Engagements (ft. Trena Little)


Video is all the rage right now and organizers are looking to video content to get a better understanding of how you actually perform from the stage. Whether you are just starting to build that credibility as a speaker and you want to start showcasing your expertise in a more approachable way or you're a speaker who has tons of video content and you're not sure how to repurpose and leverage this to book more engagements, this episode is for you! We're talking all things video in YouTube and how to really leverage this platform to book speaking engagements.

Trena Little is a YouTube expert and she is going to share with us all her tips and tricks that you can use in our own business right now to get started with YouTube as a speaker or to use it to take you to the next level.

Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • YouTube isn’t just another social media platform, it can be vital for you as a speaker as you book speaking engagements.

  • Event organizers are more inclined to watch a video of you speaking versus scroll your website and platforms. They gain a stronger understanding of who you are through a video.

  • Fight through your discomfort to film videos and know that you don’t need high-end fancy equipment to get it done.

  • Take time to do your research around YouTube. Learn about keywords, thumbnails, etc.

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