Ep 61: How to Understand Your Buyers' Journey (ft. Meghan Maydel)

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I am so excited to have you back today! We all know that it is really important for you to make an impact and hit home with your message to increase your chances of a conversion. In order to effectively do that, we need to understand our client’s journey (what is going on with our buyers before, during, and after that sale). I am not an expert on that topic, but I have brought in my friend Meghan Maydel, who currently spends her time helping brands leverage psychological triggers within their content marketing and sales efforts so they can focus on quality over quantity. She's all about the science and strategy behind your marketing. On today's episode we're breaking down how to understand your buyer's journey so that you can get those conversions from the stage.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • The sales funnel fits inside a buyer’s journey

  • The buyer’s journey is broken down:

    • Awareness

      • Learning of your existence

    • Considerations

      • Getting to know you better. Do they fit in your tribe?

    • Conversion

      • Do they buy? Do they join your email list?

    • Evangelize

      • Someone falls in love with you. A dedicated follower who will do anything to spread your word

  • A sales funnel is used to move potential clients through certain stages of the buyer’s journey. Each stage of the funnel moves you through a certain stage of the buyer’s journey

  • It’s very common for business owners to get caught up in the consideration and conversion steps of the client journey to determine who their ideal client is rather than investing the time to create awareness to an ideal client in the first place.

    • Don’t just create an offering and then see who you can get to buy it. First focus on who your ideal client is and then create your offering around them.

  • Education is a commodity. Its ok to share some of your knowledge for free in order to solidify yourself as the expert to your client

  • Spend more time listening and asking your clients about their needs than pushing things out

  • You should constantly be doing ideal client interviews at least twice a year. They are constantly evolving

    • Surveys after working with clients

  • If you have an existing business you should be tracking everything! Preferably in one place

    • Try Air Table

  • The 3 value drivers for potential clients when it comes to making decisions are Domination, Affiliation, and status. You need to be aware of which one is driving the boat for your audience

  • You should be aware of not only the demographics of your ideal clients, but also their social graphics and psychographics

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