Ep 62: 3 Things to do to Get Paid for Your Next Speaking Opportunity

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Welcome back to the Creative Speaker Podcast! In the past I’ve covered the value of speaking for free and the type of things you should be considering before you agree to speak at one of these types of venues. There’s nothing wrong with speaking for free as long as you've asked the right questions, done your due diligence and you know that you are the best speaker for this event and the event is the best fit for you. However, your ultimate goal should be to eventually get paid for your endeavors. Today I’m going to cover 3 things you should be doing at every event to ensure you get paid the next time.  

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Ensure the event organizer knows that you are typically paid for your time if you’re speaking for free

    • The organizer doesn’t know what they don’t know

    • Also convey to the host why you’re willing to speak for free… what is it about their cause that you believe in?

  • Only speak for free to an audience you truly feel compelled to serve and for a cause you genuinely believe in. Otherwise you could come off flat or disingenuous and kill your chances of getting paid next time.

  • Make sure you’re capturing proof of what you delivered for free at this event. Make the most of the opportunity and ensure that you’re getting testimonials/photo/video/ that can be repurposed and used in the future

    • This will also help jog the organizers memory about how much you delivered the last time you spoke

  • Always ask for the referral when you’re done! There is a sweet science to the way you want to deliver this request to an organizer. Tune into the podcast episode in order to get this golden nugget!! It’s worth it.

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23 Things to Consider Before You Speak for Free

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